Update on Gears 4 Issues: 11/4/2018

(TheDeuterostome) #87

I wish they would add 5 more wings and then add the last 10 weapons for wings gold to the game. I wouldn’t get them all but would love to have more incentive to keep leveling. I do love playing anyways but would like a little something more with the wings.

(xXx EtieDa1 xXx) #88

Soooo, is there an update by now so that i finally can play the game. The game where i payed a lot of money for. Including the season pass and the characters i bought. Or do i have to keep watching all the thinkable errors passing by. I think that the ppl responsable for this should be very ashamed of themselves. This is no free-to-play game. Fix this error whoever is responsable !!

(OneShotShelly) #89

Will we get our credits and scrap back with the “fix” or have I been saving scrap for an upgrade all for nothing??


The only thing that keeps me going is the 5 level 500 coins. If got 30 coins per match, and the XP event, I wouldn’t really care to hop on the game. I just love the beautiful cosmetics they add to the game (some being behind a paywall for a $60 game…). I’m just playing for the fun of the crates!

(TheDeuterostome) #91

I highly doubt that any individual is responsible. The community constantly asks for more skins, modes, characters and such. When programming for these things on the fly, all kinds of issues can arise. It’s up to the IT department to sort and fix these issues and rarely is it something that can be repaired in a few minutes. Take a deep breath watch some tv, get some dinner, and come back in a bit. It will be resolved and everything will be fine. We have all paid for this game. But the sense of entitlement is outrageous with this community. Let give them room to breath so they can fix this. Most of their team is no longer developing for gears 4 anymore.

(HayMaker304) #93

I’ve lost 10k in credits and lost 5 KOTH bounties over it. Haven’t checked my scrap totals yet.

Also every VS match i got into - it changed my character. Weapons were still the same but character different each time.

(Hammer 732) #94


(HayMaker304) #95

Should extend it to next weekend with all the server issues they have had.

(Tortugostalker) #97

Yup. Im having this problem too, aside from the 0x00000d1c problem now i have the “Sera” code problem

(HayMaker304) #98

Also scrap and all packs I had saved up are now gone as well.

(TSG BlackUltrax) #99

I am not on Gears right now and havent been in gears for 3 hours now. But if I lost my credits and scrap I am absolutely gonna ■■■■ my pants

(HayMaker304) #100

It’s all gone brother and it’ll supposed “come back” as stated above lol

(TSG BlackUltrax) #101

So I gotta go. ■■■■ my pants. 40k scrap gone and 430k credits?

(HayMaker304) #102

Hope you got some Charmin

(SeanJohn2026) #103

Your credits and scrap are temporarily unavailable, as they’re having multiple issues with the multiplayer aspects of the game, but they’ll be available once TC comes up with a fix for their latest bout of problems.

(HayMaker304) #104

Supposedly it will all come back…

(SEF II Egotron) #105

i stilll have my 215,000 scrap and 2,500,000 credits and my saved packs

(OneShotShelly) #106

They should up it to 10x XP’s just for all the trouble they’re putting us through! just my opinion.


Count me in!

(SEF II Egotron) #108