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Update on Gears 4 Issues: 11/4/2018

(SeanJohn2026) #44

You can spawn as any character when you first load into a match, but if you stay in the lobby, your skin will be the character you selected for that game type when the next match starts.


I re-up’d while the servers were messed up?

(Max Thinkies) #46

I think the biggest issue is the PC version crashing, I know its up to Nvidia but I think this issue has been on going since 2017.

(xXx EtieDa1 xXx) #47

Everything will be resolved you say. Well, they’re doiing a very poor job on the 0x00000d1c problem. I don’t care if it’s 1 or 10 times XP. I JUST WANT TO PLAY THE GAME !! 9 days ago i posted for the 1 time and the issue still continues.

(Riccardoo x) #49

Went up from 1st reup to 9th on 6.66 xp hoping to get 10th by tonight and now on last day servers break 0xp :slight_smile:

(The Death Beast) #50

If you’re at lvl 99 now and keep playing the way they are suggesting we do (because they will catch us up later on xp) then you get screwed out of any xp you’d get after lvl 100 since you can’t reup when they auto add the xp. They should reup anyone that hits lvl100 when they backpay this xp and add xp to that new tier.


I went from 4th to 9th, and was going for the same, but TC is being a bully.


So, after I re-up, all the XP I’m earning right now will not transfer when they fix their stuff?

(GB6 Kazuya) #53

If you’ve managed to re-up, then you will be fine and rank up when all XP is added once the issue is resolved.

(x Brown Thing x) #54

I can’t even play. I get an error when trying to connect to the server.


So, all the XP I’m missing out on will be added after this is all good, correct?

(The Death Beast) #56

Looks like they pulled the plug on this game and letting us all figure it out for ourselves slowly. 60k credits gone. No good reason for it. Just told to standby and wait til they let us play our game again. Good job guys. Way to keep this series alive.

(GB6 Kazuya) #57


(The Death Beast) #58

If you’re at lvl100 now, the xp you’re getting now is wasted. No point playing if you’re near lvl100 if you expect backpay. It won’t get added after reup. They aren’t disputing this.

(FavouredDuck318) #59

error “0x00000d1c” of horde fix it as soon as possible I would appreciate it very much

(BindiRoy1974) #60

Kicked from private horde match. Wave 38 now it seems servers died can someone full me in. Will they extend xp ? Due to issues

(The Death Beast) #61

But they didn’t do it when game was down in 2/17. And if you hit lvl100 when they add the xp, they aren’t reupping you and adding xp from lvl1, they just throw out anything past lvl100.

This is not ok

(GB6 Kazuya) #63

If you are unable to hit re-up in War Journal then no, that is not good. I’d keep trying, but if you have no luck whatsoever then you’ll just have to wait.

Not an ideal solution, but I’m afraid that’s it.

(TheDeuterostome) #65

Then you should reach out to octus and state your case there if it’s been an in going problem!


This is not a good look for TC. Doing updates under our noses that can severely cripple the servers, and possibly demote/retract a users progress, saying they will give stats back, but don’t (going off of Beast’s word). They should have at least made a thread about the update they were going to do, and the risks it would have, and not just a “Oh, it’s our servers. They can deal with it.” type of thing.