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Update on Gears 4 Issues: 11/4/2018

(TC Octus) #1

We are aware of reports of emerging issues in Gears of War 4, including issues connecting to matches, 0x00000d2d, 0x00000d1c and XP/Credit visual total issues.

UPDATE: We have made a deployment to address this issue. Please try again now. Thank you for your patience.

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(Savagepuffin07) #3

Please hurry
I cannot craft .scrap,and credits have disappeared

(Micky Chief) #4

Please, I need craft my cards

(The Death Beast) #5

So they just killed this game with no warning and told us to standby? And we’re supposed to go get next game now?

(PeanutBizzle) #6

Are these errors also effecting Versus Match Making?? Been trying to get in KOTH on core for time now, but just keeps saying “failed to cast vote” and restarting the lobby over and over!

(Savagepuffin07) #7

I know right?

(W4rMunKey) #8

I’m having more issues with the match not handing rewards over anything.,

(lNaVlGrubKiller) #9

we hope that we have a reward, because these kinds of the problems are already common.


Please hurry TC! If you don’t fix this soon, my whole life will be in ruins!
Oh the pain!

(Noble Guardian) #11

The issue prevented me from voting in Versus, ranked, also made the whole team customized as the same character, was funny though :smiley:

(TC Octus) #12

It’s an emerging issue unrelated to any action on our part - these things happen. The team is working on fixing it as soon as we can.


It just started happening around 10 minutes ago. I’m hoping it gets fixed quick.


Nice, I was getting problems to get Zombie Anthony Carmine. Now I have less time to get it.

(TC Octus) #16

When this has happened before, that’s tended to be a visual issue only. You may be receiving rewards despite the game failing to display them.

On broader issues, which this looks like it is, it doesn’t do that. Instead, it gets ‘queued up’ in the backlog and will get resolved once services are back to normal.

Basically, don’t worry too much - you are likely being rewarded. You’re either getting it now or will sometime after the issue ends.

(The Death Beast) #17

I don’t believe this. This happened before and we never received the credits earned in these games and nothing was done to compensate us for that. Just be honest and let people know they might be playing for no xp or credits right now.

(xXx EtieDa1 xXx) #18

Why are threads beeing closed about this ? Can’t stand the comments of the players ? Tot painfull ? It is really rediculous that this keeps on happening. Again this problem. Can’t go private, can’t scrap or create bounties, can’t play horde. Come on coalition. Please an answer that’s helps is.

(TC Octus) #19

Every time this has happened, our Services team have tracked the backed up Credits / XP and it’s caught up. We’re confident this is the case on a usual basis.

(Savagepuffin07) #20

Can u pls fix crafting. And scraping i just want classic marcus

(The Death Beast) #21

February 2017 game crashed for an entire weekend and we never got the credits that were backlogged. The trolls here blamed people for playing when it was glitched and it was never discussed again by mods. You absolutely did not follow thru on getting people back pay in that instance.


I spawned as Ben Carmine…who I don’t own…