Update on chips ahoy

Ok so the website is up and running and the official start date to redeem is august 30th. Grand prize is a trip for 2 to e3 kinda sweet. As fat as gears 5 content. Its boost a banner. Or a mark. Or a month of live or gamepass . Was really hoping for a eating cookie emote


Lol. “As fat as Gears 5”.

Cookies will do that.

Thanks for sharing.


Just went up in the past few hours, since I had checked earlier in the day. Well, I have 4 marked packages, so I’m covered for this promo. Now for the Rockstar cans.

Edit: I wonder if the Trident and Sour Patch Kids promos are also for Gears.
Edit 2: Looks like the Trident and Sour Patch Kids promos are for Crash Team Racing.

I can imagine the Swarm Sniper MVP giving a “Thumbs Up” with a possible Chips Ahoy banner in the background at the end of a match, haha.

Thanks for the info. I’ll grab a bag if they’re available here. Haven’t had Chips Ahoy in ages and I do hope it’s a giant Cookie Banner.

Most gibs in a match should get a Chunky banner.


Have my cookies now.

8 boxes…dang.

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Chips Ahoy Twitter post:

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Most detailed tweet ever.

Still none near me yet. :frowning:

It says 4 Max dlc codes per person.

I can find tons of rockstars in my area now but not a single chips ahoy :sob::sob::sob:

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