Update just hit only 4 hours to go,why?

Since we have to wait for 4 loooonggg hours for the update which got updated 3 minutes ago,to go live has TC ever stated what we are all waiting for?Better weather or a TC crew coffee break possibley a pep talk to the crew about what problems players will encounter with this new update,and what to tell them about how they will fix them later in the next update,i’m only guessing at this point but we all got about 3hrs a 50+ mins to sit here on the forums and guess.So i’m sure it will be fun for all.Have at it.


Wait, what? Are you saying I logged in for nothing and have to wait 4 more hours to test it all out?




Update is out, but ranks are not reset and no blood moon imago


But what about the weapon tuning and etc.? Will that take 4 hours to go live as well or are we just talking about the rank resets?

If it’s a major update, they might have backend work to do before the changes are ready to go fully live.

There are a few different ways to think what this really means,some think this is normal tech fine tuning system data checking but upto now we have gotten use to getting it in the backend one way or the other.

After the middle finger bloodspot,nothing TC does really should surprise anyone.

Oh damn. The gameplay portions of the patch are most likely live, but things like the Rank reset and Imago might come later.

:smile: already thinking about people complaining about the new fix.


Can’t complain about it until we see if it actually fixes things :wink:

The escape hive - the clock is in the game. If you wanna check if the update is live. Check these fixes

  • Improved the consistency of the Boomshot with changes to the behavior of the secondary ‘bomblets’
  • Flashbangs will no longer affect players through cover

I’m going to look at the loading screen for a while… Trying the escape

I’m still waiting for the update sadly,

Well some of us have the update and even where still waiting for it.

I know my friend,it’s unusual because I get it around 6 pm uk time,probaly the cold weather is to blame interfering with my update

these from TC do everything wrong

Update now working sorta still no 3 days of boost but blood moon amigo and store now updated now

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YaaaaaY store works fine, ranks dont :expressionless: TC’s Priorities

abandon this game and save yourself some stresss

sometimes my friend I feel this way,as well as TC not posting anything on here I’m happy that a some gears heads do get the twitter replies and makes threads these deserve medals.:+1::sunglasses: