Update issue please help

Need help my xbox one has frozen at 32% updated and says “ready to start” but the update hasn’t finished and has stopped actually updating - the WiFi is fine, what’s going on?

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Give it time… I thought mine was frozen too but it started again after a while.

How long mate? And thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

WOW, just realized there’s a NEW update, Sorry, I thought you were referring to the last (recent) update. Mine is updating now… Hope all turns out well.

Yep, My update stopped at 31.5%. Ready start but not finished or advancing on the update. Then after 2 minutes of solid freeze the update finished. hope this got solved for ya!


I frequently get Xbox updates that are stuck and have to be paused for a min or so, then unpaused so the update resumes. Sometimes several times. Leaving them alone causes the update to be stuck forever.

The same thing happened to me aswell. After 2 hours it continued

Mine got stuck at 2.3%. Tried several times to restart. Suddenly the whole game was gone. Reinstalled from disc just to find a nice 96GB update waiting. No 8XP today…