Update issue! Fix it now

Started todays update and it kept on stoping by itself untill eventually it unistalled my entire game. This has happened to 2 of us now and is ridiculous as it wint even re-install the gane properly has this happened to anyone else. payed out lots of money for this game and i cant even play it never had this problem with the previous creators.

How did the update uninstall the game?

Have no idea just started the update got 7% through and then it disappeared and i noticed my storge space increased went to load game and it told me to install the game. Even now installing the game it stops and i have to keep restarting it so fare been 14hrs only at 50%

I’ve got the same. Update installation keeps stopping. Stuck at 2.3% and no way to get it going again. Every time you try starting again it just stops with message “Installation Stopped”. Error 0x87e0000f. Restart console, still same issue.

And now the whole game uninstalled by itself! Great. Installed again from disc, and now 96.8GB update required!! This is unbelievable!

Yesyes fix it mine done the same thing it is a joke

Fix it this is rubbish if it not fixed i want my money back i spent so much time an effort n money and this is what the coalition give back over a 500mb update i restarted my routor and xbox and installed other games without a problem so i know this is not on my end i am so frustrated this is how you treat ur customers

Well only advice i can give is my sister did the update but just left it alone but do a hard reset before starting the update just to be sure and i have just left it now not touching it its been 21hrs and im at 80%

How can i just leave when the installation stops every 3 seconds

Fix it coalition stop ripping everry1 off or maybe put abit more of those profits in the game so this dosnt happen again. still so annoyed

Set your console to keep my games and apps up to date then set startup to instant on with the when xbox is of,turn off storage unchecked then turn off your xbox and it will tell the update to keep resuming automatically

Is it the 58mb update? I did this other day got to 31% then it stopped like there was no internet connection so it said anyway wasnt recieving any mbs, i waited a while for it to start again but the installation que dissapeared i loaded the game again and it had actualy installed despite the xbox saying it had only done 31%

Yes thats what happened with my sister but unfortunately for me it deleted the game instead

Hey myself and friend have both had the same issue in the last 7 days… Now I can’t even get the game to re download without stopping… It’s a joke

Hey, try this Microsoft help link. It seemed to help my friend when it happened to him…