Update gears 5 op7

Anyone know when it supposed to be live or what’s going on,
Mine says op7 but everything is still op 6 appart from I got going from duplicate cards, thats the only difference,
I also have things missing in mp

It is supposed to go live at 12PDT (so in roughly 40 minutes)

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Hey Alpha,

Try that method to see if it works for you.

Probably around 4pm EST it will be fully live.

OK, but my 4pm will be tomorrow now, I’m in UK, lol

Oh no :frowning: sorry mate

No worries :grin::+1:

i had 138k yesterday and thats included the rank coins and now i have 318k

OMG Slugger is so fun now!

@Darkwarrior1208 your gona love it bro :slight_smile:

This is awful. Updated everything but nothing shows.

I still have all of my character skins and weapon skins, even the cards too.

For some reason, I have chrome steel swarm grenadier in my inventory, even tho I was sure that I had less than 20k points from the streams that I barely watched.

The CS Grenadier seemed to be obtainable at like around 16k points according to other posts I’ve seen on here. Nothing wrong there.

EWWW steam is better ny 100000000000x times

Same issue everything is gone except red imago reloaded and everything is back even saying the new icon on skins didn’t own even though they are locked still except red imago who is gone now also no new stuff for classes still showing old stuff

Seems to be an interesting issue with Aggressive Enemies also.

With this one Posion on and nothing else I’m getting one hit down by even Juvies.

I assume its the update going through, but dang man. Super Swarm,

Another update - I restarted the game again just now (while I’m cooking dinner) and it seems that the rest of my customisation items are all back. I don’t think there’s anything missing. It looks like they’re doing something with the PVE skill cards though - when I looked before restarting, most had fixed themselves and were back to the levels they were before this update, but a couple were still stuck at level 1. Right now they’re not viewable, so I presume they’re being updated/restored right at this moment.

Hope this reassures people!

Eh, I guess I’ll take him and leave him for dust in my fine collection.

check your coins… Mine keep going up as they cash in the cards.

Mine has stabilised as I was well over the 100,000 GC cap, so I’ve got the coins I should have. My duplicate PVE skill cards are still there, so they haven’t been deducted yet.

I did notice earlier that a glitch caused me to be given some ranked GC rewards twice, but they deducted that so now it’s correct.

I still have everything, just mp modes missing, I just have a few extra coins from dupe cards, not enough for all the dupes I had though