Update gears 5 op7

Have a friend who’s game IS updated and he lost cards too. But as told, I assume the server-part is missing, hence the bugs.

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Haha, of course. @TC_Sera @TC_Shauny

Series X owner here, but my update is 5.89 GB :thinking:

It wouldn’t be a new GOW Operation without something accidentally getting flushed down the toilet right?


The usual shenanigans, the update refuses to show up, restart doesn’t make it show either, so I actually have to do a full hard reset with the power button AND initiate the update manually while I have the auto update option ticked on.

Can’t it work properly once? Well, at least I got it downloading anyway.



I mean, nothing new is there yet, everything is still as is (plus the lost cards of course).

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I don’t think it’s down to malice. I just think it’s just incompetence that makes these things happen.

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Sera is probably gonna tell me otherwise , but why not take the servers offline for a few hours with each OP-launch to avoid stuff like this? Maybe everything is back to normal in 2 hours once the OP rolled out, but in the meantime everyone is worried.

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Just turned my xbox on and gears is updating automatically.

Yes but at the same time now we have to play the waiting game on missing cards. I expected this but the response and fix needs to be today and not x amount of weeks or months down the line lol.

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Custom Horde :grin:

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Especially since it looks like some cards were locked again. Some classes would be unplayable without certain cards.

Well all my characters are missing, so there’s that.

Because it’s the 21st century and our generation can’t cope without being offline for more than 2 minutes without having a panic attack. Probably. I’ll wait and see if the update resolves it. And if it doesn’t, then I’ll rage.


Stop scaring me, ffs!



I am not kidding. This better resolve itself.


You mean like this!? :roll_eyes:



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