Update gears 5 op7

So is it delayed or not?

4.92GB on Series X.

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Somehow not on PC!? :thinking:

I’m assuming the server-side part comes in 2h delayed.

I am downloading now, check it again gents. PC by the way

This is what I was afraid of. I don’t want to update my game now.


To be fair, his game wasn’t updated yet.

My download is done, but I don’t feel like throwing myself under the bus.

Have a friend who’s game IS updated and he lost cards too. But as told, I assume the server-part is missing, hence the bugs.

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Haha, of course. @TC_Sera @TC_Shauny

Series X owner here, but my update is 5.89 GB :thinking:

It wouldn’t be a new GOW Operation without something accidentally getting flushed down the toilet right?


The usual shenanigans, the update refuses to show up, restart doesn’t make it show either, so I actually have to do a full hard reset with the power button AND initiate the update manually while I have the auto update option ticked on.

Can’t it work properly once? Well, at least I got it downloading anyway.



I mean, nothing new is there yet, everything is still as is (plus the lost cards of course).

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I don’t think it’s down to malice. I just think it’s just incompetence that makes these things happen.

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Sera is probably gonna tell me otherwise , but why not take the servers offline for a few hours with each OP-launch to avoid stuff like this? Maybe everything is back to normal in 2 hours once the OP rolled out, but in the meantime everyone is worried.

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Just turned my xbox on and gears is updating automatically.

Yes but at the same time now we have to play the waiting game on missing cards. I expected this but the response and fix needs to be today and not x amount of weeks or months down the line lol.

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Custom Horde :grin:

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Especially since it looks like some cards were locked again. Some classes would be unplayable without certain cards.