Update gears 5 op7

Nah, just disappointed.


That’s the TC we are familiar with.


A bit odd the patch is not there before the operation ended. So basically we are somehow in a limbo period where it won’t count toward Op7 and does not count toward OP6 anymore? lol.

You’ve GOT to be kidding me. Usually I’m patient with this stuff, but I’ve got nothing to do at this second because I wanted to see the new OP. Cmon TC get your crap together please. These delays and little blunders are really adding up and pissing me off.

Guess I’m not playing today.


Was really hoping to know how bad the game is broken and if I should sign on before I got home from work but looks like I’ll be home before the shitstorm starts.


So who want’s to play Guinea pig in the next hours?


5,5GB on PC :smiley:

So is it delayed or not?

4.92GB on Series X.

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Somehow not on PC!? :thinking:

I’m assuming the server-side part comes in 2h delayed.

I am downloading now, check it again gents. PC by the way

This is what I was afraid of. I don’t want to update my game now.


To be fair, his game wasn’t updated yet.

My download is done, but I don’t feel like throwing myself under the bus.

Have a friend who’s game IS updated and he lost cards too. But as told, I assume the server-part is missing, hence the bugs.

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Haha, of course. @TC_Sera @TC_Shauny

Series X owner here, but my update is 5.89 GB :thinking:

It wouldn’t be a new GOW Operation without something accidentally getting flushed down the toilet right?


The usual shenanigans, the update refuses to show up, restart doesn’t make it show either, so I actually have to do a full hard reset with the power button AND initiate the update manually while I have the auto update option ticked on.

Can’t it work properly once? Well, at least I got it downloading anyway.