Update for Gears 1

Whats with the update for Gears 1?

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How big was it?

Haven’t been on today.

About 450mb… miss the original!

No idea but instant like for mentioning Gears 1. Good man.

Just an xbox one emulaton update

It’s like $3 at GameStop man. Save up. It’s worth it.

Sorry I don’t got an answer for you, I came searching for an answer too. I checked my updates and saw gears 1 and was like “wtf?? Why does this have an update?”

Just an emulaton update for backwards compatibility games

Xbox live is much cheaper than that regardless.

No reason to pay live fees for a dead game.

Figured you meant campaign at this point on game pass. Heck I have codes for 1-3 that are sitting around somewhere.