[UPDATE] Classic Curbstomp---$5? (Main thread)

Is it just me or does it look like the classic roundhouse curbstomp is gonna be $5 while we get some new crappy execution for free.

Just going in what I saw in that What’s Up gif.

IMPORTANT EDIT: Kinda have to take back what I said, would’ve assumed that “Roundhouse” was the classic since they would twist their leg when stomping, but it does look like the $5 stomp is a unique spin execution. My apologies to TC for the judgement…but even still I hope the 130+ on this thread show that something like that would be very bad for the game that even the mention of it made many people angry. Even I was angry from my assumptions until I saw the execution.


That is the long and the short of it, yes. It’s utterly ridiculous to charge us money for a default execution that’s been in every Gears game before. Anyone who forks over the $5 for this needs to slap themselves in the face.


It truly is dumb, especially since you can earn what’s equivalent to 4$ in the TOD, not even enough for this execution.


You earn 500 iron in the TOD (Assuming those who’ve earned it haven’t spent it already). I don’t remember which ranks they are but the first iron from ToD gives you 100, then the next gives you 150 and the last gives you 250.

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Oh alright, I forgot about the 100 iron…but still I think you get my point.

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Of course. I can’t believe they have the audacity to charge for this. They may as well just take the lancer and gnasher out of the game and sell them back to us.


Figured they were gonna do this and saved the default 500 iron I had since launch. Feels good.

But hey they’re giving a free curbstomp that definitely doesn’t look really bad in comparison!

DUDE… SHHHHHHHH… don’t give them ideas.


That’s the only thing I would buy from them as of this moment being honest with you .

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■■■■■■■ ■■■■■ ought to be ashamed, mugging us off constantly


Yeah… here’s a free curbstomp.

Here’s the one you actually wanted but its 800 iron (not 500 like OP title)

Edit: Sorry, OP is correct.


I was just about to post something about this. I would say I cannot believe it… but it’s TC. So of course they are going to release for free a variant that most people are going to hate, and then charge real money to get what has been FREE IN EVERY OTHER GEARS GAME, EVER.

This game is so pathetic. When are developers going to stop trying to con hundreds and thousands of dollars out of people and realize if they just make a good game to begin with, people will play the hell out of it and spend plenty of money?

I absolutely hate, detest, loathe and completely despise EVERYTHING that Gears has turned into.


Ah apologies. Misread it when I got so angry that I had to pay for it :joy::joy:

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Either way theu are ruining this


It’s so greedy. Like, the roundhouse is what everyone meant… so they are giving us one, it’s not what we wanted but its still a curbstomp.

Right, they could of left it there and fine but no!

Here’s the one you actually wanted but give us money money money.


We need to ■■■■ this game off, i was just starting to play again but here we go again, mugging us off


I actually thought the last update was a step in the right direction and now this.

It all starts off so wonderful, new characters, big fixes and then the greed comes flying in.

I really don’t mind spending extra money on something I’m enjoying but this is taking the piss.


i wouldnt mind paying for unique stuff but its been in every damn gears game, im so angry its unreal hahah


Cash grab

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well i aint gonna play unless the characters are free tomorow aha

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