Update @ 1:05 PM EST?

Just had a 700MB+ update for PC. anyone know what this was about?

Given trends with these small updates, notes for what they did usually follow on the same day or a few days after.

There will be a What’s Up today so that may clarify what it’s for.

We dont discuss future content😂

No idea, they (tc) wont tell anyway. Im console, will check if theres an update…

Edit, update for console also.


Probably stealth nerfs.


Maybe they’ll buff karns voice jk since everyone hates it.

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All maps from gow1 & 2?

No info yet.

Better keep an eye here

I suspect this is what it was for, assuming you haven’t yet seen.

548MB on X1

Most of those changes are for playlists that are due next week.

Maybe they are preparation for that, maybe not. I would like to see official patch notes, see any change they are willing to disclose (Since of course there are still many things they can change and not necessarily tell us)

May ask on stream today about it.

Upon first loading he game (X1), my characters and skins were gone. They’re back now, but all the class cards have to be reassigned for horde and escape. Does this happen often?

Interesting, mine was only 110 Mb. On stream they said it was a few bug fixes.

Usually a new gun skin set or something small that will show up in the store later but the asset has to port over early for proper display client side.

they updated koth eliminations getting 1 gp from 2 gp.and many more