Upcoming weapon skin conte t

Do you guys think they’ll ever bring the custom lancer skin into gears 5

I’ve been hoping for it since launch. In campaign, you can actually swap weapons with Marcus and you will have it. So, everything to make it available is already there. Wouldn’t take much to actually allow us to use it as a skin.

I doubt it as it’s just a skin for one weapon but it would have been nice if they did I’ve also wanted this skin for multi since Gears 4. It would have been awesome if they had of come out with a custom weapons skin pack. Could you imagine how sleek the Longshot with a polished wood stock would look or the Markza but we can always dream a wood stock gnasher would be spine tingle inducing to. Feels like they missed a mark by not doing this instead we get desert camo and zebra stripes LoL.

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Maybe I’m mistaken, but I thought it was in the store during one of the first few weeks after the game launched?

I said the same thing… make a custom stock weapon skin pack… give every weapon except the pistols a custom stock, even the guns that don’t even have a stock like the gnasher or boomshot. I might photoshop something up in the next few days.

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Yeah for the gnasher I was thinking like a nice wooden forehand grip and wooden finger grip with a polished metal backing and a nice polished metal finish for the gun itself. Would look so gleaming and sharp. Could do something similar for the boomshot.