Upcoming Character Wishlist

Would be Interesting if for a Character they put Clayton and just call him Carmine and for skins it could be Anthony, Benjamin, Forth Carmine Brother, Recruit Clay, Classic Clay & other Comic Carmines heck even Gary.
NGL this kind of saves room on the roster list if they don’t plan on adding a bunch of characters and also saves them time by just adding 1 ultimate for that character instead of having a lot if the other carmines were they’re own character. I mean c’mon they’re all voiced by the same guy there’s another reason XD.

The Only Exception Would be Lizzie for obvious reasons, she would be her own character with a different unique ultimate.


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FOR SURE! Alex and Sophia! Oh and Griffin!

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Michael Barrick with cigar


Lizzie and Gary Carmine



Onyx Gaurd





Harold of the Rocks

Paddock but we know he is coming

Crossover cause that’s a big thing I guess: Gary Busey after a good bender strung out for a week or two in cog armor.

Why was steve austin not put in over Batista btw? I would play this game more if I could stunner people.


Rod is against digital portrayals of cigars cause reasons.

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That’s why I mentioned it. I can accept the bubble gum cigar also. That was a good little story add on I thought.


Definitely wish they would include more of those characters from the comics/books. I have also always liked playing as the nameless Gears and wish they would include some of the armor sets for them, since they have a big variability throughout all the different games and locations they fight in.

Hoffman’s Anvil gate armor from GOW3 has always been a skin I loved too.

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Put the operator mod on for that one… Lancer? I play straight hat dude. good kills too

Just give me Bernie, and I’ll be happy. She’s the only COG character I play as.

an anorexic starved Maria.


I like the way you think
Might as well get scarred Tai
Lambent Human
Sophia but shes just invisible and gone forever
so forth

But for real Im hoping for new characters and stuff before we get back into old characters and the inevitable arrival of old skins from past games.

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I would love to see the onyx guard to come back from gears 3 bro that armor is so sexy

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I just want Minh back, i’ve played with him since 2006

Screw that. That means only Clayton will be forever earnable, and they’ll all be heavies in Horde.

keanu reeves

Classic Delta Squad for me and I’ll be happy :smile:

Don’t get your hopes up straight away. First few waves of character skins will be people from the campaign so like


Lizzie, Paduk, Clayton, Cog Gear, Old Man Baird, Old Man Cole, Jinn, Oscar and MAYBE Onyx Guard.
Reject, Warden, Queen Reyna, Armourless Locust Drone, Deebee’s and MAYBE Queen Myyrah

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I highly doubt Jinn will be a playable character, given the fact that she’s pregnant. Maybe Jinn-Bot though.