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Upcoming character skins?

New JD and Marcus skins I guess. 1000 Iron each please. (I’m bored and it’s late, give me a break)



Which is which?

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Good question. Maybe it’s like Dragon Ball Z where they can do a fusion. The left is MarD and the right is Jarcus.

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Potara or Fusion dance?

Definitely fusion dance

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Sooooo should I post my credit card here or should I DM it to you?

unfortunately it is a limited edition pre-order bonus for the timed exclusive version of Gears 5: Bingo Edition (Only sold in Kekistan)

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Effing Kekistanians always getting the better deals. I’m sick of this sh*t…

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Is that Danny Devito?


No that’s JD

Excellent casting.

Just give me a young Linda Hamilton skin.

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Honestly I think only a red neck raam skin can save this game now :sneezing_face:

Young Linda Hamilton would still have Old Linda Hamilton’s voice. That would be off-putting.

Not saying that TC would, but they could pull lines from T1 and maybe T2…maybe it would sound horrible…

…I dunno.

I don’t think they are legally allowed to, for licensing reasons, but that being said, her saying “You’re terminated , ■■■■■■” at the end of the original movie would be a very satisfying taunt. She had a very effective delivery on that line.

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The T-1000 Terminator skin or character would be nice, some of his executions would be ripped straight out of T2 Judgement day.

You mean the cafe waitress version from T1? :smiley:

1000 for a skin is ridiculous

It’s a joke thread lighten up