UPA/ WRAP AROUND DISCUSSION! Shots Hitting everywhere but where the gun is actually aimed is unaccepptable

small rant incoming you can skip this section if you’d like

i want to start by saying like i always do that gears of war is my all time favorite gaming franchise and that i simply want it to be as good as it was at its peak which was gears 3 of course minus its inherent flaws giving the limit of tech at the time so basically im saying if we had better tech gears couldve been fully realized even waay back then as a pillar within the industry if only we had better animations and more balanced rifles but i digress.

so recently Rise Domez made a tutorial video(link to video https://youtu.be/_tg7aRli6nY ) teaching players how to do what most skilled players refer to as
a Wrap Around shot . now personally i do utilize this skill shot pretty often due to how ridiculously OP and cheap it is in situations. now to clarify i have no problem with domez my issue is with the fact that this is a thing that players can even achieve. i referred to it as a skill shot but I don’t think that it requires much skill honestly and more so over my biggest issue with this shot is simply that when a player is performing this move what’s displayed on the opponent screen is literally them being shot by an opponent who literally has their Barrell pointed in almost any other direction than where they (they being the guy targeted by the wrap around) actually are several times throughout this tutorial video domez slows down the animation that takes place and even at a point you see the gary carmine aim so far in that he hits the damn cover his back is on which shouldn’t be possible unless you are dealing with mr fantastic or sum smh its absolutely insane . i appreciate domez shedding light to this and teaching others how to utilize it but realize that these weird translations littered in the game are the exact reason why new players quit cuz 1 when it happens they are probably confused af and then when they see the kill cam their worries are then even worsened by the inaccurate kill cam but also just bad cuz whats being confirmed is themselves being killed by a guy who either doesn’t look like hes shooting at all or he just farted out a kill shot ! its a disconnection that is consistently-inconsistently riddled all over the game which we’ve always had different versions of in previous gears but in gears 5 everything just feels more prominent and more random than ever. the in game presentation is also sooooo lacking . we dont even get patch notes when the game updates lmao casual players aren’t goin to twitter or facebook or the forums so when things change big or small the game itself should educate the player base on said changes. i dont think we should be able to do a wrap around if we cant find or have an animation that fluidly goes with it in a way that players can read same as plenty of other actions that transpire within any given moment. Why do they go to players like domes who will be on the stream and not ask any real questions or who hasn’t watched previous streams to know not to ask redundant questions? same with click bait shadows??? it makes no sense he said the word “like” more times than he actually asked any questions . why not consul with ppl like GGZII or BCCHAPS or me?( i have posted huge posts in the past identifying this or that before they reset the forums and things got lost) people who pay attention to all forms of communication that we get from tc and even go as far as breaking down all the dev streams so that casuals dont have to sit through an entire stream and hear repetitive questions?? they isolate new discussions and give feedback simultaneously!! TC PLEASEEEE what is going on over there I’ve never felt so close to quitting or giving up on gears before but every time i do i get the motivation to come out and try to articulate how i feel and to identify the biggest issues that remain ignored month after month after month.

im sorry i went on a bit of a tangent but i really have a lot to say and i have identified a lot and simply just want to help the coaltion however best i can .

what do you guys think about the wrap around/UPA?

what are some other discrepencies you have issues with ?
ex.screen differences, major input delay on console vs pc , shots going everywhere but where you aim, bolok being unusable on console now, lack of content?

lack of older weapons available for private lobbies etc.??

please let me know what you feel and what you all think about what i have presented and if it comes across like i have issues with any individuals mentioned i wanna clarify i do not at all. i call shadows clickbait cuz he literally click baits the most miniscule info for videos but doesnt use position to pressure devs the same way communities iin other games do we gotta stand together to get change even if we dont universally agree on ideas how to fix them if we can get tc to acknowledge them we can get some kind of improvement atleast

I can relate to yur love of the game, Gears is why i got xbox. To be clear i consider the wrap shot an “inward” reaction shot. So i wouldnt go so far as to say its not a skill shot. It certaimly take practice to pull it off with consistancy. And i seen Domez video myself. Inthink its good btw. But that vid alone isnt gunna give noobs instant skill. I think the wrap shot is crazy and certainly gets abused. When i first seen it i couldnt believe my eyes. But thats typical gears Nonsense though. Its something that better players are destroying weaker players with. But is not like it cant be countered. Albeit difficult to do so because guys get it off so fast, its not game breaking to the point where the entire game revolves around it. At least i dont think so. To remove the ability to wrap shot would probably take an overhaul of the entire game mechanics, which would in turn change a lot of other thing in the game as well. And the up A , which is easier to counter than the wrap shot btw is just straight up gears. The mechanics of the game are such that these things are possible. Shoot, in Gears 3 i personally used the up A wayyy more than in Gears 5. So i think your right about new players quitting because of getting hit with angles that defy the laws of physics. But thats the very same reason why there is a hardcore fan base. Because Gears is not an easy game. If your bad, then you will die. So instead of being but hurt by getting hit with an up A for the 100th time, or a wrap shot for the 28th time, learn how to counter them and do them youself. (Not you, people in general)

Fyi i do know the wrap shot to be broken enough to where a counter will result in a trade rather than a kill, but thats typical Gears nonsense. Just like getting the 93% in two. Or getting 85% in one, while getting bodied by the same guy from the same distance. Or dumping over 1/2 of a lancer clip and getting 98% in eleven. Gotta love it

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"getting hit with angles that defy the laws of physics " perfect way to describe the nonesense that occurs

Its not physics per say. Its the animation that just messed up.
You are aiming while you do it.
Hell I love the wrap around. It just never works for me. Ive practiced many of times. Ive done it maybe 10 times. It feels good when you do it. Imo. Its not consistent but it happens to me more often than not.

If the law of physics comes into it , why does the overkill have the range of a sniper rifle ?

read this reply from TC itself actually very informative


Why isn’t it always just the barrel why change it when aiming

I don’t care about glitches in the angles of the game people exploit. I don’t claw play. I can play straight up. And counter the glitches no big deal.

The number 1 problem in this game is the way too far GIB range. And the poke damage is utterly too powerful and too easy to get from across the map with out trying. Does TC have any clue what skill rank play Is? The answer is NO!

It’s the auto aim that’s making the shot so effect. Cut off auto aim problem solved