Up the Spawn protection timer in CTF

Every game is just spawn trapping for 30 minutes

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Yeah please do. I’m not ashamed to admit I quit a match today because they were spawn locking us on the final round for 5mins straight. Stacks that do this for fun are so lame. You’re wasting everyones time, you’ve clearly won just cap the flag and don’t be a ■■■■ lol.

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They need to make the rounds shorter. Make spawn protection 5 seconds so you have a chance when you respawn.

I havent played CTF ranked yet but it is incredibly easy to spawn trap people in the event playlist right now. Especially with the breechshot.

Easy fix. Make the spawns actually swap. Rotate end zone. Reset flag after certain triggers.


I haven’t ran into that issue yet, but my solution would be make a small spawn area where you can’t shoot into or out of. Put up like a see through blue/red wall to designate the area. Once you leave you can’t go back into it.

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They should remove the spawn protection timer immediately — if you don’t want to be spawn trapped, then don’t let yourself get spawn trapped.


I don’t want to up spawn protection as if I am capping and the spawn point is close enough I don’t want to face a player who is invincible.

The other team is basically holding the game hostage so TC really should do something about that. Including a mercy/forfeit option would be a start.

An hate to say it, yet snubs is right. If you are a garbage team you will get spawn trapped… maybe play exe and you have no excuse to get spawn trapped.


Fantastic bait Snubbbs

If your team isn’t good you deserve a worse punishment than just an “L” you deserve to be spawn trapped. It literally only takes one team wipe for CTF to become extremely unbalanced. Spawn protection in gears exist because they don’t want to encourage that kind of gameplay and that’s sort of a fact.

I get that its your opinion but spawn protection has been around for a long â– â– â–  time so its definitely not a popular opinion.

Should definitely be a vote to concede

Agreed, and you should respawn with half health and half loaded weapons.


Spawn with no weapons. wall bounce and melee your way to victory.

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Lowkey spawn trapping is my favorite part about stacking in CTF

Are you really spawn trapping? Or is the other team endzone trapping??

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Spawns should swap if you’re near the enemy spawn too long and I’m wondering if there could be a dodgeball CTF variant with a TDM style pool of lives for each team.

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So you’re one o’ them sadistic evil clowns that Timmy the Christmas noob should be afraid of.

We all spawn trap down here…


My most success in this mode is a planted shock at our “home” the amount of games I have got triple-downs there is amazing…and wonderful.

Opps, I have just given away my secret! If I do come up against any of you guys/girls I definitely will not do this…

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We (@ImXarex) had a team try to do that against us and I got in the corner of the endzone so it wouldn’t touch me and we pretty much wiped the team capping because they rushed with their gnashers :rofl:

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Nah fam couldn’t be me.