Up the like limit please

I personally don’t see the point in the limit anyway.

But it feels like you can only like ~20 posts per day. Or per 12 hours.

It’s far too little and it’s irritating. I browse through the forums for like half an hour before bed and after like 10 mins I can’t like any posts anymore.

I don’t like every single post either. I’m selective. It’s stifling discussion in a way.

Can we look at removing or increasing the limit please?



I didn’t know there was a like limit until yesterday.
Shouldn’t really be a limit.


There is a limit because people can just abuse it to increase the rep of another user. As far as I read about trust levels, each trust level has a particular like limit.

Trust Levels are:

  • New -> Basic User -> Member -> Regular -> Leader
    (Trust level explanation can be found here)

The guide isn’t really helpful on daily like limit, but if you say it’s like 20-1 then basic users are lower.

Either way the guide only says this about the Like limit:

  • member: like limit increased by 1.5x (assuming increased from basic user like limit for all trust levels and not just the previous trust level)
  • Regular: daily like limit increased by 2x
  • Leader: Daily like limit increased by 3x

Rather than removing the limit, I do agree they should bump it up a little for members and above because otherwise (I know this sounds stupid) like boosting will be a thing on forums


Interesting. My level is “member”. I didn’t know it was related to increasing your trust level.

The limit kinda makes sense now I guess. I still find it too low at present.

It just shows you. I was liking posts just because I liked them. Didn’t know it had any meaning beyond that

If it’s too low, TC can definitely change it on per trust level basis. But They would need to consider how much to increase it for “members” and also increase for regulars and leaders to balance the increase out.

Right now, no one will attain regular level any time soon unless the mods manually increases our level (which is a possibiity).

How much increase did you have in mind?

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Or they should add an option for people to opt out of the trust system and just forever be known as “normal dude”

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The forum platform is built on trust system. To do that would mean, you have no ability to do anything on forums :stuck_out_tongue:

A tldr version, the more you participate and contribute the forums, the more forums sees you as a trusted/active member of the community and therefore unlock new functionality.

I’d say it needs to double at the very least

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Yep, I use this exact same forum platform on another Game. Once your rank up you get a ton more options (based on what the developer has done).

Just keep participating and using your likes etc. and you will hit the next level.

Maybe its keeps you from spamming like on sorten people you know. I just say spam mostly. Or they dont want you liking everyone posts maybe. But anyways I can say we actually dont need more like or maybe 40 be good.

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Good discussion here… Love what I am seeing…

Exactly correct it prevents people from spamming to get their trust levels raised. We want you to contribute to this board. As you add to discussions, like posts, and continue contribute your trust level will raise and the more you’ll be able to do.

I think it’s a brilliant design, and hope everyone is enjoying the new platform for the Gears forum.

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