Up date your servers and it get worse. Kicked to dash bored and banned at least once a day

Crashing constantly what’s the issue? If you fog
Ugh like this during the locust war gears wouldn’t e en exist. But seriously get it together. I’m tired of your mess ups it’s your job to make a product that works. I have the fastest internet you can buy in Seattle and no other device in my house is having internet issues in fact no other Xbox game either just this one. Constantly getting error messages mid match or just kicked out of the app completely and sent to the dash board. This shouldn’t be happen this late in the games existence its a joke

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I hate getting kicked to the dash bored :pensive:

TC doesn’t care… They got our money.

Crap azzd company, it’s pathetic.

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They seem to be acting up right now.

So if you are getting banned once a day then maybe it is time to play another game.

I hate software locks too but if it happened in a multiplayer game consistently then I would stop playing till they fixed the problem.