Unwritten rules / Player mindsets

I want to make a post not so much about the game itself, but about how the community play it.

I feel like I could easily pull myself into talking about how the game helps players, but I have done that before and that’s not what i’m aiming for with this. I fully recognise that there’s more than 1 point of view but I feel like the people who state that everytime are actually the people who refuse to see or accept our point of view with what i’m about to say, The conversation literally goes nowhere other than us being told we’re wrong. This wouldn’t be so frustrating if this wasn’t so clear to see in the state of the game itself, But…

I’m not going to say “This community” anymore because it’s not a community, it’s 2 communities on the same game that has been split as a result of how Gears 4 changed it’s target audience. I will refer to these 2 communities as “New gen” and “Old gen”. Old gen being Gears 1-J, New gen being Gears 4-5.

The old gen players are SO DIFFERENT to the new gen, but it’s actually the new gen who consider old gen players to be “toxic” or “elitists”. In truth, the old gen don’t care anymore, we just want to chill out on Gears and have fun, we want to mess around (to an extent). Old gen players only become “toxic” when new players fail to see this.

Gears has ALWAYS created rivalry between players, i’m not claiming that’s not been there however there was always a community “unwritten rule list”, It containted things like

  • Don’t Camp

  • Melee for Gnasher Battle

  • No Actives

  • Don’t Lancer somebody who’s in a Gnasher fight

  • Let the enemy get up (situation depending)

  • Run at the last player left 1 by 1, not swarm them

These are unwritten rules that many old gen players used to go by, can somebody please explain to me how it is that these people are suddenly toxic? Could it be because the players who claim that…, actually caused it?

Now, let’s take a look at the unwritten rules that new gens seem to agree with.

  • Win by any means

  • Camping is fine

  • Cover your teammates if they’re in a battle

  • Tactics in public are vital

  • Winning is important

  • If it’s in the game, use it

I am bias and I know that, but even as an outsider reading that I think I would feel like the old gen community are all about fun and respect, the new gen aren’t.

The old gen want those chilled out days back (I know they’re gone for good though) but instead we get new gen players telling us to “adapt”. The sad thing is that these players who say this, don’t realise that old gen players are trying at about 5% of their true skill level in public, there’s nothing to “adapt” to, we just find it boring.

I could go on all night typing this but by now i’m sure you get my point, I’m wondering where and how the mindset changed so drastically to change things so much?


Gaming has changed in the past 14 years. For better or for worse. Players are made more aware of their performance, players want to get better at a game.

Even social modes in certain games are matching people on skill. Halo, Call of Duty, Fifa. Social doesn’t mean social anymore. Social just means that the ranks you are being matched on aren’t being seen for the most part.

I don’t think Gears 4 has particularly caused this change. It may have been a contributing factor, but I see it as a shift in gaming. Players are smarter. They play better. They understand the game better.

I could go on for a million years on this, but those are my initial thoughts.


I agree that gaming has changed but only to an extent. I disagree that players have become smarter, games have become easier.

I understand about players wanting to improve based on their performance, but older Gears showed your performance too, but players still followed these unwritten rules. Why not now?


Adding to this, coming from a Gears 2 “sweat” mindset and into my decade long stint as a montager, here’s what I have to say about it;

Playing for the win is fine - absolutely abusing every mechanic for the win is not fine.
What I mean by this, is watching a team of people play social game modes and just run strats you’d see professional players have.
Social game modes are meant to be fun, but it is impossible to have fun against people who abuse the lancer, abuse the enforcer, abuse the claw constantly. It’s annoying. Stats mean absolutely nothing in social, therefore, winning is completely moot and means nothing.

If you care about the win (which you are entitled to) then play RANKED. Find a stack of people and run your strats in there. I play ranked regularly, but I never play for clips in ranked because I want to win. If I hit a clip in ranked, that’s fantastic, but otherwise I save the showboating for more casual modes.

There is absolutely zero reason for people to constantly lancer in social. There is absolutely zero reason for people to play like there is money on the line in social.

My experience of Gears has gone massively downhill since 3 and it is purely based on the fact that newer players have a do whatever it takes attitude and pretend they’re very good after the fact they used all the broken tactics to their advantage. These same people will play as the Rev 9 for example to abuse broken hitboxes and then act like the better play when they absorb a nuclear weapon’s worth of bullets.

I’d also like to chime in from a montage aspect, that the people who constantly take weapons that we hit clips with are terrible. There is absolutely zero reason for any new gen player to take longshot to then just put it on their back and play with the gnasher and miss all their shots; and they do it with t bow and embar too. Couple that with long respawn times and you’re effectively killing a scene that promotes the game you apparently love.
There is only so much esports can do, without people like us that put out high standard quality all these years ago, I doubt Gears would be this popular and I invite anyone to attempt to change my mind (you can’t)

Games thrive off of content creators and there is minimal respect or value from the new gen community towards people that have put years of effort into delivering it, because everyone is so concerned about being the best unknown player in the community they just trash talk anyone that does better than them when they don’t abuse lancer or whatever else.

Gears 5 has the potential to be an amazing game, and I really want to enjoy it, but the amount of mechanic abuse I see from people that support said mechanic abuse is just disgusting. The game is the least played Gears game, and coincidentally there’s barely any content creators playing it. The toxic traits of this new playerbase that has been attracted to the game is killing it, and whilst I don’t believe for a second TC intended for this to happen, or wanted it to happen, it is their job to fix it. If they sorted out the inconsistent mechanics, I guarantee a lot of content creators would come back, and in turn this games playerbase could go back to what Gears 3 once had.

Lets face it, none of the players I take issue with will change because I made this post, and I can live with that. But if TC fixed this game, I can guarantee these players wont stick around and the toxic issues we face in game will disappear.


You forgot kill stealing after a 1v1, I nearly always let the person have their kill* even though it’s counted as elimations now.
The only time I’ll take a kill is if my kill was taken after a 1v1 or it’s a chaotic push on a hill.
I’ve had it a few times where I’d deliberatly down someone so I can meatshield them and someone finishes them off as soon as I get the down.


After playing GB this isn’t something that’s ever bothered me too much tbh, but I can see why it could be annoying if you wanted to use it as a shield.

eSports pros seem to be old gen and they seem to do everything that new gen does, according to your bullet point list. I don’t see these players do any of the old-gen bulletpoint list. Maybe because they are actually serious and money is at stake,

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Exactly right man … the problem its not the old school vets its the game that is not challenging anymore and it looks like some monstrosity brought out from The Simpsons and Dora the explorer.


Been playing since Gears 1 and have literally never done any of what you consider ‘old gen’ did.

“No Active Reloads” is a joke of an example. You can always hear people shooting when they’re not in combat

“Melee for Gnasher battles” is a weird one that I never understood. This would usually happen when you’re down to a 1v1… but it’s a 1v1, why run across the map to a specific location just to make wall-bouncing easier? Surely the more skilled player would win in any environment?

All the other ones are just common sense. If I see a down, I take it. If an ally is in a battle, I’ll help them…

Gears is a co-op/team game - if you play for yourself, you won’t get too far (there are some exceptions). Honestly, if I read this as a new-comer, I’d call the old-gen some little ■■■■■■■


It’ s a video game, I don’t understand why I wouldn’t help my teammates or win by all costs


where my friend @RadishBeet there are all sorts of playres on gears games… they are some who are very self-centered that they only care to win the game and nothing much else…

I usually try to stay away from such individuals.

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I mean, just ignore them really and try to continue

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exactly right my friend. @RadishBeet

There was a dude once in OP1 who kept trashing talking us (his team) who said he was tired of carrying us and then he left

Daniel, I want you to guess the gamemode please


hahhahhaha :smile:


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wow man I was somewhat close hahahaha :smile:

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Dude sounded genuinely mad

I think a lot of your points relate to winning vs having fun in a video game. I don’t know if it’s OG players vs new players so much and all players in general shifting to a new mentality, but much more emphasis is placed on winning now.

It could be because it was exciting just to be able to play online multiplayer in the past. You didn’t fuss about a monitor, your ping, fps, etc. It was a pleasure just to be able to game in an exciting new way. Now, a lot of people have their identity wrapped up in their online gaming and they have an actual ego about who they are in a game and how they perform. I even get caught up in it and have more fun if I’m on an alt account so no one can have any expectations about my performance.


they are people who really need to get married or to have a significant other to be honest…

people who behave like that really need neurological therapy somehow.

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