Unwarranted Ban (twice now)

This games’ connection and only this game has been trash the last 2 nights. Any other online game I play has zero issues. I’m getting randomly kicked from lobbies and subsequently banned for “quitting” when in fact I’m not. Now I’m stuck playing garbage Quickplay. I run fiber optic, never quit, and now in 2 days alone I’ve been booted twice. Crap like this makes people wanna quit this game altogether…

Edit: I already submitted a ticket but hope I can get a quicker answer considering you’re flooded with tickets. Wishful thinking…


I’ve had the same issue too. Didn’t lose internet connection, or anything - just randomly kicked from the game. The worst part is, it didn’t even let me rejoin the game. Isn’t that supposed to be an option?

It is possible the servers derped out and kicked the entirety of both teams out.

Otherwise I’ve heard there used to be a bug that made the rejoin option not appear, might be related to that.

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I was wondering if maybe the whole lobby got kicked too. But in that case, shouldn’t the server be able to see that and not give out the quit penalty?

It doesn’t seem like it as people that get kicked out by the server shenanigans get penalized anyway. I sure know that when a friend tried to convince me to further go into the Gears PvP(I had mostly just played it for an achievement or two and because TC wanted you to play Escalation for weapon skins then) by being bored of Horde in 4, and when the servers decided that… well, I don’t remember if it was the lobby stage or something with the queue but we didn’t get into a match and didn’t leave nor cancel the search when a lobby was being formed, but apparently that was grounds for a matchmaking suspension. I told myself, “Screw this, ain’t worth my time” and took my leave to never return.

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Lol. That’s an unfortunate first experience!

I can see why the server wouldn’t be able to differentiate whether one person quit, shut their internet off, or actually got kicked. But I just feel like if an entire lobby “quits” it should stick out like a sore thumb!

That’s exactly what happened to me. Server just randomly booted me in the beginning of the match, couldn’t rejoin, and I got the ban hammer. So stupid