Unwanted TextToSpeech bug after latest update

After the update, G5 on PC reads out loud my horde lobby description, but TextToSpeech is disabled.
Very annoying, because the game reads out loud the whole text after every key is pressed, even navigation keys.
I tried everything…
It doesn’t come from Windows 10, since the sound output stream is “Gears 5”
Any ideas ?


Hey Midi, I noticed this too. Perhaps it is an Accessibility feature not implemented correctly? I’ve not looked into it because it didn’t bother me too much.

Could be an accidental effect of one of Baird’s Skill Cards. You never know with this Coalition lot :wink:

It happend in the global chat aswell. When playing PvP.
Did you play solo?
Because it might been someone else that have it text to speech active.

It was kind of funny when it started to Read Up what they wrote.

you’re talking about the normal TextToSpeech function of the game for the chat.
That is a feature, not a bug and I hear it since release.
I’m not talking about the chat, read my post…

ok, enjoy the game