Unreleased Gow5 content

Imagine all this was in the last op.


Yeah i saw this earlier, makes me mad.

The way the characters hold the boomshield makes it look actually practical when they arent aiming. Its wild they have everything they need for the boomshield minus dialogue options. So many cool things that couldve been in the game.


He also put up a vid on twitter of a real classic horde mode like in Gears 3 that has enemies from that game.

Yeah saw that clip on reddit, thought it was in this video.

We should setup a go fundme for a modder to finish this game and give us custom horde.

Bro, that boomshield looks finished to me. Just drop it in the fab and let me beat enemies in horde with it.

Have that cheater do it for us lol


this is what they took from you

Man the ink not being in makes me so mad. I could finally live out my dream of being a Kantus with the ink AND scream :frowning:

Impact, Ink Grenade, Boomshield and Gorgon.

All ready but unreleased.

Just when I thought the disappointment for this game had ended.


Is there a link to that ?

:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:
let my in

great sign and a lot of content that was imposed and the store things were not unlocked

:weary: :weary: :weary: :sob: :sob: :sob:

makes me angry

I’d have paid to play Impact in Horde in Gears 5, even with it being a straight port from 4.

(I’m partly joking about the pay part but I quite liked the map in 4.)

I no longer have anger for Gears 5’s Versus. Just disappointment.

Partly? What is this drivel? Would you or would you not be willing to pay for it if it were offered?

Do, or do not. There is no partly.

Of course I wouldn’t pay for a map from the last game that has had no gameplay or visual changes. The partly joking part of my statement was paying for it.

Then that would be joking about paying for it completely, not partly.

So you wouldn’t pay for it then. The truth comes out!


Ah, but see, you’re reading it too literally. Yes, I joked, but only about the part where I said I would pay for the map. I would have played it in 5 again, for sure, had it ever been released to us lowly peasants that don’t deserve attention from TC(I can’t say that last bit with a straight face).

But to pay for it, that would have just been a move as low as the rambling if telekinetix.

Cheers mate. I still stand by 2.0 being the KING of CO-OP even with 4.0 being 100% better now than when it was launched.

This is a fair sentiment, but do we really think that some more Gears 2 throwback weapons would’ve saved this game?

I can see the threads already “Ink grenades 25 years later??! Lore Broken??”