Unreleased Dizzy Skin

So I decided to grind out some weapon challenges in the arcade, and right now the Gears 5 servers are acting like rancid sewage, and well I played as Dizzy because I needed heavy weapon kills. To my surprise when I actually get into the game after waiting like 5 minutes for my character to load, I spawn in as a Dizzy skin that is currently not in the shop, and has not been seen before!


Woah, this gives me an idea. Since the servers are high, drunk, and alcohol poisoned, I think if we keep going into different lobbies it might glitch and show us more unreleased characters… :thinking::thinking:


it looks like he’s got a bottle of moonshine on his belt

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‘Stranded Dizzy’ maybe???

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Homeless Dizzy.

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Redneck dizzy :joy::joy:


Here, hold my beer! Dizzy

I like it

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