Unreasonable BAN - please lift

so today the new update happens after the controller smashing shamables of operation 4.
2 disconnects and i have 8 hour ban.
Im not saying i dont quit. I do when the games inadequacies pulls BS on me just because i have a lower PING than everyone else i get penalized. and sorry, I pay to have the fastest internet so this doresnt happen as much.
with all this you are aware of, if you make changes like this, all bans should be reset.
If you want to combat quitters you need to understand why people quit.
poor netcode - inconstant shotgun - OP lancer - pace of the game way too fast for the servers to handle, need i go on?
These need to be addressed before putting overly harsh ban penalties on players.
Please can you see if you can reset my ban on this occasion please. the amount hours i put in this fanchise is so much, i dont deserve this.

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The time of suspensions and bans build up over time and start small. That said, there have been other reports of it being odd. Send in a ticket.
Keep in mind - if you show a high number of quits… that contributed to the long suspension.


Thank you ever so much for the reply.

How do i send a ticket, never done it before.

and i am aware of how the ban work however i was just trying to make a point about reaosn why there is a issue with quitters in the game.

If you experience so many issues that create an environment where you quit out the best suggestion is to stick to social or avoid playing all together. I experience the same issues you so but I don’t quit out of matches due to them. I take my licks and then stop playing the game because I know it’s not getting any better. There is no excuse for leaving your teammates to take a beating. Considering you know the chances of consistency issues exist beyond a reasonable threshold you’re best avoiding it all together.

With that said, whatever the reason is, they really need to figure out why these inconsistencies exist in their game where as other games have figured out how to solve these many years ago. I get that there is no game quite like Gears but the feel of match changes favor multiple times per match. There’s no sure fire way to enter a battle because what worked last encounter may not work the next even if the distanc and movements were identical.


its happened again, and my connection brok e twice, and suspended for 8 hours. wtf.

i think i have logged a ticket!! here https://support.gearsofwar.com/hc/en-us

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As an aside it does help TC if you put your ticket number in the post.

it didnt give me on. I got no emai confirmation. so what the f am i meant to do. i submitted another one and again, nothoing. justr said submitted successfully.

I sware if you dont have social meadia you cant gt anything t done these days ffs

It sends the ticket number to you in an email

Here is an example from a ticket I sent in this evening.

Edit: Maybe you mistyped your email?

Ban likely would not have been “unreasonable” if you didn’t have some quits already. karma.

find somit better to do with your time

The question was answered, ticket submitted.