Unreal engine 5 latest tech demo

Hopefully they can make gears 6 blood and gore look amazing using this.



Moved to general, TC has confirmed future projects will use UE5 :slight_smile:


Also no more bots!!!

Deebee’s are a cool concept but they’re over used & kills the whole vibe when you fight a vast majority of bots.

Ruins the survival vibe & they’re not even menacing looking.


The next gears SHOULD look absolutely amazing.

Is an exciting time in that sense.


In all fairness, from the standpoint of the universe Bots are the smartest, or near-smartest move for them to make.

By Gears 3 humanity was down to what? A couple hundred thousand compared to the billions before E-Day?
I mean the COG were so low on soldiers they resorted to pardoning prisoners and breeding camps.

DBs are a neat concept, I think if they had some more interesting combat designs they could still be feasible. Say that while they’re slow–the DBs are made of metal, so a DB melee could be near-fatal if you let them get close. Or have the DBs use more of the cloaking tech that the jackbots have. I mean if the Hunters can steal it…
I’d say a shield thing so that DR-1 fights act like the Raam fight from G1. If you let him get to close it’ll be over but you’ll also fairly outmatched at range. Meaning you have to keep distance while moving, and then use moments of opportunity or Longshots, or planted nades to attack. or stuff like the Diciples in Tactics being able to plant poison mines and poison nearby players on death, rather than just exploding.

On topic though I love how UE5 looks and can’t wait to see the updated look of Gears going forward. But if they go for an open-concept world again, I hope they take the 3-4 years to flesh it out than giving us a white/red wasteland with a photograph or ‘component’ to collect within.

Interesting ideas but unless we have a Horde(or even PvE in general if we have more than one mode for it in 6) that goes back to a more “classic” Gears 3-esque style or the class mechanics are built upon further where certain enemies take reduced damage from, or are immune to, certain types of damage, I only really see them matter in the Campaign. Why? Because most of the time what I see is enemies getting blasted or shot to death the same old way anyway, not that it’s necessarily a bad thing per se.

Still, wouldn’t be terrible to see. Quite the opposite.

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It’s just not as satisfying to me without the blood and guts when u gib a robot

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Guilty, bots will always exist in this game. I run into them all the time in ranked.


From what I’ve seen there are maybe 2 silver linings with them moving to UE5.

  1. it makes destructibles more viable (because of the lumen/lighting system that is used) so theoretically that opens up some interesting possibilities for new map design (I doubt they’ll bother giving past Gears maps any kind of realistic lighting system as that would take a lot more time and maybe ruin the nostalgia of said map)

  2. It could ‘potentially’ make maps easier/faster to create. Just as an example, the new map they came out with this Operation called Ephyra using a crap ton of rubble/debris (clutter is another word you could use) and although I highly highly doubt TC could just find this kind of place in the wild I see zero reason why they couldn’t/wouldn’t just rip this sort of thing out of the real world and put it into new maps they build with 6.

Other possibilities: larger RPG world, dynamic weather system, weapon mods becoming a thing (Lancer GL kind of dipped into this)

Hate to be that guy but most of the technology that is presented and fawned over doesn’t mean as much for a series like Gears because A) its Sci-fi and just ripping tons of models/environments from ones IRL is damn near impossible and B) tons of antiquated maps/characters so either they do decide to make characters look incredible in Gears 6 which takes a good amount of time porting everything or they simply decide to leave the quality of everything as is and you will only see any sort of innovation with new stuff.

Gears 5 in my eyes is a pretty innovative title, the problem was that it had a dev core that essentially didn’t do anything with it. Just as some basic examples it had an odd freezing/thawing system (as was shown in Icebound) and ladders, either of those two things alone could lead to some interesting maps, even ignoring that the sheer diversity of expressions could lead to neat cutscenes/worldbuilding. Imagine Marcus telling a rookie to do 20 sets of jumping jacks lol.

Looks cool, it’s a shame Coalition is still behind Gears, though, they’re not very strong in concept, characters and story. Weird that Xbox hasn’t intervened yet.

Looks really nice,I honestly thought it was real life at some moments.

Coalition’s games are fairly awful and get completely and utterly outclassed by an old xbox 360 trilogy. They don’t innovate at all, they follow trends (poorly) and specialize in making bargain bin bait.

This isn’t a good gaming studio and I can’t for the life of me understand how Microsoft still give these cynical people salaries.

The graphics of the past few Gears games were never the problem. The graphics in UE5 will look and perform even better; That’s not up for debate.

If they can’t get multi-player to run better from day one we will be right back in the same sea of complaints we keep getting caught in with each release.

Epic’s improved engine can only take things so far. M$ servers need to step up too.

I hope we have some proper gore instead of the walking tomatoes we have now.


Escape? New Horde? Campaign?

If all you said about the original trilogy is that it was superior in your eyes then fine, but lets not pretend TC never did anything in terms of innovation.

Regardless innovation in reference to UE5 probably will mean day/night cycles and more destructibles (which may or may not be your cup of tea) and I would be shocked if we get the same exact PvP offering in Gears 6. Overrun 2.0 is a foregone conclusion I feel but they may have tricks up their sleeves.