Unreal Engine 5 Demo

It has been a while since we got a new UE tech demo, and since it’s likely that future Gears games will be on UE5 I wanted to share this here for anyone interested.

Edit: adding Digital Foundry’s 2 Cents


Saw it earlier today.

Are there any games running on the engine?

Not yet, still early days.

I imagine we will start seeing some announcements for games being developed on it late this year.

I think part of the reason for the tech demo is to get developers signing up for UE, its like a proof of concept type advertisement to them.

Update: Phil Spencer is a believer https://twitter.com/XboxP3/status/1260681227071131648

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With the power of the Xbox coming up and UE5, I can see you taking a selfie/video just for the heck of it next to a TV that says UE5 and Next to the Series X with your long flowing hair with a guitar jamming out…Fade away to words on the tv screen saying, Xbox Series X and Unreal Engine 5…EPIC.Just.EPIC my friend


No Ray Tracing and capped at 30 FPS though…

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and running at 1440P (video was upscaled).

I really do think this was aimed at specific devs rather than being a general tech demo.

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@GhostofDelta2 In a side note, I’d like to see these demos as games…pfff

I still remember this:

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it looks very sick man hahahahaa. I just imagine a Gears of War 6 on that engine with no classes, hero shooter garbage and lots of customizations… that would surely rock @GhostofDelta2

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