UnpopularOpinion...gears 5 plays amazing!

Gears 5 is almost a perfect gears game. The gnasher is amazing now and feels just right. The movement feels great. Graphics and sounds are all spot on. I even think the lancer is fine even thow I know most think it’s overpowered. I think I just know how to maneuver around the lancer that’s why. The only thing needs improvement is matchmaking and ranking and content like characters and maps. If they improved the ranking and character and map output then gears 5 will be near perfection. I know a new ranking system is coming and maps and characters are priority now so let’s go. Hope operation 4 shows this. This thread is my opinion only and I expect and respect people to have different ones.

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Lol…the sound is horrible. I die so.often to people coming up from behind me that i never heard. And they were running.
Movement…yea…okay…if you love sticky sticky walls and input delays its absolutely perfect.
Hit reg…far from great.
Game was at its best the last few weeks of op.2. Hands down.
.@U gunna get got. Really really sweet humble brag…",“people say Lancer is op…you just know how to move around it”…great great humble brag…

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Until now I don’t have any big complaints except one thing that my aim incredibly sucks. Whenever I thought this should be down or kill and recorded last 20sec and checked frame by frame, I am quite impressed with my poor aim.

I agree OP. Gameplay wise; gears 5 is pretty fun. A few changes and tweaks could be one of my favorite MPs in the series.

The only thing I don’t like about Gears 5 is the movement, it feels clunky to me.

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I’d like to think this guy is a troll.

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It also has different game modes other than PVP that seem to always get overlooked by TC, PVE modes are still waiting for some changes unless its something that TC thinks its an exploit, ie frag dupe, earn xp faster, cards not working as intended but benefits us… etc etc, these get patched asap, but they NEVER tell us that these cards have BEEN FIXED😒

Some of the escape leaderboards still dont track properly, they even change mutators without saying a word. The hunters has been changed 2x but nothing from TC about why…

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Gears 5 is super smooth. The issue is they keep changing the mechanics. They need to find a good balance and just stick with it.

But yes, when things are working properly, Gears 5 plays really well.


Nah, it’s widely known that G5 is the smoothest playing Gears to date. Even at the beta, everyone was saying how smooth it was.

Unfortunately all of the other issues that plagued the game overshadowed how the game played at its core.

I’ve played every Gears since launch day, and I’d be lying if I said Gears 5 didn’t feel the best to play. Even going back to Gears 4 is a pretty dramatic difference.

Only problem is the oddities that came to gears 5, like how aiming isn’t worth **** anymore.
chainsaw being RB (Which ****s with the reload) and having to hold melee to execute (Which the B button’s ****ing with the execution button at times)

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…
Other than that it just lacks content, Re-playability and proper ranked play.

Gears 5 comes across to me as a game that was far too ambitious for what the developer was capable of doing. All the pieces are there, the foundational elements are right where they should be. The small details in the UI and other places are creative and unique. It’s just nothing performs at 100% yet. Every element of the game is missing pieces that prevent it from being perfect. There are bugs and glitches that I simply can’t wrap my head around. This game had so much potential, it just screams “I wasn’t a finished product when I shipped, now I will constantly be behind the ball”.


completely lost me here… stopped reading :slight_smile:

Agree apart from footstep sound.

This is what I’ve always felt with this game. They set their own bar WAY to high. But it can come with a big reward, if it’s successful, but if problems start occurring than it’ll be one fix after another until the next Gears release. That’s were I feel they went wrong with this series; going to big and hoping no/limited problems will occur.

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It plays just like Gears 4 in versus.

The game breaks with fluctuating pings.

When pings are similar, yes it plays well.

I actually prefer G5 over GoW4 gameplay wise

  • By mapping the chainsaw to RB it frees up your right thumb so you can continue to control the camera with the right analog stick. While it can be annoying at times, the reason is valid.

  • I agree the execution button should have remained Y. I’ve gotten used to it, but mapping it as the same button as melee causes too many unintentional melee kills vs executions.

correct @I_TRS_GEAR_I i have the same feeling towards the game.

I’m genuinely glad some people like it, because it needs to do well for Gears 6 to ever get developed. I haven’t been able to enjoy this one but I’m so starved for Gears that I might come back to this game. I do hope they keep fine tuning it and making it a better experience.

True, and I don’t know if it’s the big expectations that hurt it so much as the fact that it felt worse than the previous game, mechanically, and in terms of gameplay. “That can’t happen”.
So, whereas the last game had a ton of content a year in, this one feels like it’s finally ready to be released.