Unpopular opinion: TC giving away bundle skins for coins is anti consumer

As the title says I think it isn’t fair to sell skins that are in a bundle for free with gears coins and if people got those skins from a bundle they should be reimbursed either with a refund of money or with in game currency.

If you don’t understand what I’m on about I’ll explain now. With the last what’s up tc confirmed that today they are adding the hot rod skins into the store to purchase with coins or iron. These skins were only obtainable before this from a £15 bundle called the operation 3 bundle. I see this as unfair to people who bought the bundle as you are effectively making a big part of the bundle free for everyone when people who bought the bundle actually payed for them. Surely there should be currency refunded to people to compensate or some of the money used to purchase it should be refunded.

Also I know the operation bundles are good value I’m not denying that I just feel people who bought them got kinda cheated if they liked the skins as they was led to believe that they was only going to be part of that bundle.

P. S. Also wanna add I haven’t bought the op 3 bundle so them going in the store doesn’t affect me however thought I’d bring it up as I feel it’s a very scummy way to go. The main problem with the new store is effectively anyone who purchased stuff before it went up essentially got cheated out of iron money or both and wasn’t told about the change before it happened and wasn’t offered a refund for their purchases. I think this is anti consumer and goes against tc trying to win players trust.


I see where you’re coming from with this. In some ways I agree too.

I think what may have been a better option was to draw a line under the items previously sold in the store, and basically say “from this point on, all future items will be acquirable through Gear Coins”. By all means bring back old items like Winter Armor JD etc, but sell it how it was previously sold - using Iron.

I promised myself I would never spend a penny on this game but loved those hotrod skins and almost caved on the bundle. Now I can get them for free. Pretty crappy to the people that bought the bundle just for the skins. In TC`s defence, they never proclaimed the bundle skins would remain exclusive to the bundles. People just assumed this was the case.


Sorta like a “We are currently working on making a new store” “All items being sold have a chance to be sold for a new earn able currency in the future”. Maybe if they had a warning like that before the store came out this wouldn’t be so bad tbh

Maybe. Trouble is, it still completely devalues Iron. I don’t know how much people tend to have, but if some people have lots of it, then overnight it’s dropped badly in value. Drawing a line under older items still allows it to retain some value.

Yes that’s another point I’ve seen whales with like thousands of iron just essentially lose their irons value because of the new store. Look I’m all for the new store in fact I love it. But I think tc needs to address these glaring issues with it. People who have bought iron have effectively wasted their money as hardly anything costs iron now and if they go back to making most things cost iron everyone will kick off as it’s the old store (rightly so). I just wish tc would address and do something about this alot of players have been wrong ly affected by the new store but its hidden under the new stores benefits.

The reality here is that TC (as a company) sorta did a 180 with how they thought about the store, so thus it meant they would do a 180 with stuff that was previously exclusive now becoming much more available, Like the Hot Rod Jack skin was easily the most difficult to attain cosmetic last operation because it required you to play as Jack for a very long period of time (say around 10 matches or so), now they are giving it away for very little (I think 4000 GC?) so all that work I put into getting it last operation was for nothing :cry:

It puts into question whether this op is worth doing or not. I mean think about it if I can get everything but the last skin for free with gears coins in the store why would I farm it lol. I mean we know they can do that since they’ve gave the pumping iron expression away and that was like 4 away from end of last tour

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Not having timed FOMO skins is good for Gears in the long run. Personally it’s my biggest pet peeve with other games and actively stops me from getting into them because a skin or character I would like to use is unobtainable.


You’re not wrong. I bought some of these too, and felt the sting a bit when they all went free. I said to myself, “If I had only waited, I wouldn’t have had to pay anything.” What would cause them to make such an about-face on the store? Clearly, the previous model wasn’t working for them. The percentage of players buying was probably very small. Maybe it was only the hardcore fans, the same people who splurged for the Ultimate edition, and the same who’ve been spending money since Gears 4. Meanwhile, the customer-base for the store hasn’t grown one bit, despite the audience being way bigger than before. What gives? The casual passerby, Game pass subscriber, wasn’t biting on iron purchases for a game they weren’t sure they would spend much time with. A lot of these casuals likely got frustrated and uninstalled when they realized the grind required to unlock a decent-sized collection of skins. The current model is built to get anyone up and running with a skin collection without requiring much effort. The idea is, that when you give everyone a skin collection for free, then you get them invested in the game. Then they are more likely to spend money to pad out their collections as opposed to buying a lone one or two skins when they have no collection to add them to, and aren’t invested in the game in any way.


I suspect the reasoning was that it would build up a better relationship (over time) and lead to people wanting to play the game more long term, so although I’m sure they lost tons of revenue short term I wouldn’t be shocked if it makes them bank long term.

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It depends as I’m sure this issue only gets worse over time. Doe the tour I thing I agree with you on its bs. I can’t wait for armed and dangerous to become free for all. I just don’t know why they didn’t bring old tours back so you could work on them when you wanted. E. G. You could select tours in the tour menu and then depending on which one you wanted to do you’d put your stars towards it. This would’ve been a way better system than the store one lol as people have to put the same amount of effort in.

I honestly don’t like it. Even though I haven’t bought any bundles I do feel if you paid with real currency it should remain that way. Could it be TC doesn’t have the man power to design new content for there new store? So they have to try and recycle old items to make it look fresh.

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Am I the only one who doesn’t care? I spent a lot of time grinding for Desert JD and Classic Baird, and I’m loving this new store. All that matters to me is that I got the skins when I did. I don’t care that they’re suddenly easy to get.

Of course. I honestly think this store just means more content dripping. Think about it the tour right now is just coins and a few skins plus an execution. They obviously took content out of the tour to make it have more coins. This content is just going to be sold in the store anyways so overall we are either gonna get the same or less content. I also as well thought bundles would be our last haven our safe place but I guess this just means nothing is off the table to be sold for gears coins.

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Did you also purchase skins with iron or buy any bundles?

I bought a few skins with Iron. Back in Gears 4, I really wanted the Savage Theron, so I bought him. They made him free like a week later. I was like, “Eh, shouldn’t have bought it.”

Agreed. This might be a unpopular opinion but a part of me thinks TC has been to generous with the coins. Nothing is really exclusive. Since I don’t really play Horde and I’m done with my TOD I have about 65k in coins accumulated with really nothing to buy. I had aquired the majority of my stuff through TOD and I’ve bought items here and there. When the new store came out I bought everything I wanted and just banked the rest. I doubt TC will have boost available for coins. If TC made a epic looking skin and had boost available at a ridiculous exchange rate with coins I would go for it. I’m just looking for the rarity factor to come into play.

Idk if this is real or fake something I came across but if TC had something like this for 50k coins I wouldn’t mind. Something rare to grind for. Hell even 100k.


I remember your name… weren’t you the person who got insulted on Twitter by some guy who didn’t agree with your point?

Anyway, I do think it is a bit eh the Operation bundle skins would be made available as a coins or Iron purchase now when previously they couldn’t be bought with either but only with real money as part of said bundle. Personally not a big deal for me when it comes to exclusivity as that’s not really what I tend to care about when getting a skin.

i like the new store its fantastic game but, i don’t like they add operation pack weapon skins in game its not honest :frowning: