Unpopular Opinion On Maps

So yeah, why does everyone love trash maps like War Machine and Raven Down for KOTH? Maybe I’m tripping, but god damn can I play more than the same 5 maps on rotation please? Lemme get some variety in this B…

What do y’all think about the maps that get auto voted (War Machine, Checkout, Raven Down, Blood Drive, Clocktower…ect.?) Don’t get me wrong, some of them can be good but some get old quick but always get voted.

So they’re trash maps or they’re good? Gotta make up your mind.

The reason they get voted for is they’re great maps. But, if you play for hours you’re going to see them a lot because not everyone is on all day and hasn’t played them 5 times already that day. If it’s my first game of the day, I’m going to vote for Raven. Then, I won’t for it after that. Get enough people doing the same thing and you see the same maps over and over because most people are just getting on for a bit, not an entire day.

What bothers me is people picking maps that don’t play well for that game mode. Like KOTH on Gridlock. Or Guardian on Raven. Etc.

I think it has to do with the legacy and nostalgia element ? My heart sinks when we get RD though. I loved it on 3 with the weather effects and I preferred it in daylight, just can’t get into it on 4. It is a good map for Enforcer though.
While we are on that front we need more elemental effects* like in Gears 2 and 3. I would also like the option to play in day or night on the same map…and it not count as two maps!!!
Anyway back to your point. I do see the love for Checkout and think it is an almost perfect koth map (my mode) as for the rest, they are generally well thought out maps, I suppose it is as simple as that ?
*Not windflare though, what a horrible map to play. I was on it a few days back for the first time in months, it is still terrible.

Can you read?

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Sry I hurt your feelings. Hope you feel better soon.

i know i get tired of playing Mercy,Gridlock,Checkout , Canals over and over and over when i play KOTH , there was one time we played Canals 3 times in a row ,that is what was voted for


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I used to be exactly like you OP

Just keep playing

I promise just yesterday I voted gridlock blood drive then checkout - I think the more u play the more u actually come to see how great those maps really are

Shoot I even like koth gridlock gimme those 80 slays!!

Foundation is not the best map in the world. Any time that map is in the voting lineup I swear no other map stands a chance. I don’t hate it but man am I tired of looking at it.

Might be a personal preference…

Fuel Depot is my favorite map. I can play that map all day - it’s big enough with enough interesting pickup weapons, it would never get boring. Raven Down? I get bored of it within the first 5min…

I don’t love Foundation, but it’s also big with some variety, so I don’t get bored of it…

I HATE stupid weather effects, Windflare makes me rage… Hahaha…

So yeah, it’s probably personal preferences… I will vote for Fuel Depot every time it comes up. I will vote against Old Town and Raven Down every time they come up…

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Gimme Glory all day long LOL :rofl:

Gimme Raven Down all day long on any mode but especially KotH as I enjoy it most. Raven Down on Gears is like Lockout on Halo. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I don’t know about you, but I kinda like playin Guardian on Raven Down. Gets pretty intense sometimes and I enjoy it.


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I really hope they don’t bring raven down back again in 5, I know it’s a fan fav and I appreciate that but it’s had more than it’s share of screen time.
I want to see river and all fathers again, maybe jacinto.

I want Raven Down in every game, lol. I don’t ever want to see Garden again though. I didn’t like the map when it released and I still don’t like it.

In order:

  1. Meh, its alright. The problem for me lies in the lack of secondary weapons, but that is my personal opinion, and secondary weapons are my strength, so of course I am going to play for it. Not the best map, but not the worst. I can live with it.

  2. Slightly better than WM, at least it has secondary weapons for me lol. But seriously, I think the map is decent, largely for the setting.

  3. My favorite. Because it relies on you mastering the starter weapons (and Frags), movement and positioning, more so than any map really IMO.

  4. You can get rid of that. I have a love-hate relationship with this map. I like that it has height advantage, which is useful for me with my secondary weapons, but I also hate it for that exact reason. If it was to leave the rotation, I wouldn’t miss it.

  5. This is probably second on the list of favorite maps, it has a height advantage, a Longshot, Boom, Frags, Boltok. It caters to nearly every style of play in a certain part of the map. That’s why I like it.

I will vote for whichever map is the best in the list. For me, being a player that played a lot of Escalation, I like those maps in the rotation, Foundation, Reclaimed and Dam are popular as well.

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Lol, right, but only with a specific team :wink:

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TD is worse. Its always these four, Checkout, Mercy, Bloodrive and relic.

I get they’re small but they’re very boring after 2 years.

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Maps like War Machine and Glory I hate simply because of the turret.