Unpopular opinion. I think this game would be so much better without wall cancel

This video is currently making the rounds on the Gears reddit… and damn, I wish the current title played more like this. IDK… I just think it’s so sad that “Bounce-tages” exist on YouTube where noobs bounce in empty lobbies and comments / likes to dislikes are incredibly favorable… And 9/10 you can add that YouTuber as a friend, spy on their stats in the game menus, and discover they are incredibly average, or in some cases, quite terrible. That’s because flinging your joystick as if you’re 12yr old hyped up on adderall doesn’t necessarily translate to actual skill. I just feel like these original titles look much more solid in motion I guess.

How many times have you seen noobs like in this clip?

Completely 100% unnecessary movement and the best part is, I swear to God, 90% of the time, these ‘types’ begin hard-aiming and all that bounce bulls**t stops… Oh, and this is from a ranked match BTW… Nice

I’m not saying all bouncing is trash. I obviously know the players near the top know how to use it well and understand when it’s needed… But I’d also have no doubt in saying that 90% of people don’t understand how to incorporate this and often just leads to them being an easier target with pathetic aim as they can’t even keep up with themselves.


There’s plenty of other games you can play without wall cancel. If you feel the need to pepper your argument with words like “sad” and “pathetic” then maybe it’s you who has the problem.

I mentioned bounce-tages were sad, @Me0wMix_CatFood. Are you seriously saying you’re into this?


It’s not 90%. I’d say it’s about 50/50. Maybe 75/25. It’s true. Lots of time I see someone bouncing all over like they’re on speed, and all I have to do is stand there point my gnasher at him while he bounces my direction and splatter.He doesn’t know what he’s doing. All that bouncing is just for show. The other half of the time, it’s actually someone who knows what they’re doing and I can’t hit em. Thats when it gets really frustrating and I have to tip my cap to them. They put the time in and mastered a strat that puts them a higher level than me at this game.


Thank you, I’m sorry wall bouncing is ridiculous. It’s a matter of opinion so those who like it whatever, but it makes no sense. Yes it’s a video game but come on even good players look ridiculous doing it. Plus it alienates MP to only hardcore players because I believe the general public see it as goofy too.

And people say they wand a darker more serious gears, but how can you have that when the characters look like they’re on ice skates in a fu**ing bouncy house.


As someone who was primarily a Gears 1 and 3 player, I personally don’t care if it’s there or not.

This is also why I’ve been somewhat of a fence sitter regarding the movement changes (aside from the run speed increases because that does change where you can safely place shots on a fundamental level.)

I do personally lean more toward the more methodical design direction were purposeful actions matter even more, that’s just my play style preference.

One thing most experienced players understand is people can move as crazy as they like but they still have to accurate with their shots while doing it. That means they’re either going to have to stop at some point to take their shot on you or go into an Up-A for some type of reaction shot.

The best example I can give of this type of thing is probably OSOK, where you can tell when people don’t know it’s safe to take their shot so they just bounce around continuously.

Because you know they have to stop or go for that type of thing eventually that gives you something to work with. You can also still use cover to simplify those ‘random’ spam situations into a favorable outcome for yourself especially if you’re holding right-hand or up in shots so it hasn’t really been a deal breaker for me.


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Wallbouncing is good and works well in SOME situations, bouncing like in that video is pointless and a total waste of wear tear on your analogs.

50 quid a pop for a controller, that guy must be minted.

Where did I say I was into anything? It’s just clear that you’re deeply triggered by other people’s idea of fun. If they’re so easy to beat why are you so bothered?

I think the answers are pretty obvious but I’ll let people draw their own conclusions.

You attacked my use of “Sad”. If you believe my wording was inappropriate in describing "bounce-tages " then that would lead one to believe you enjoy them, no?

“I think Nazis are sad”
“There’s plenty of other places you can go that don’t have Nazis”
“So you’re into Nazis then?”

lol… it’s an obvious exaggeration, but still.

I think bounce-tages are stupid. Agree or disagree?

I’d say this game would be better if more weapons were worth using

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Say it to this guy:

GOW - it’s not just a shooter - is the beauty and technicality of movements. But in Gears 5 the dynamics of the game became very sluggish, now even a child can play. And bounses are less and less useful.

If a player bounces on every successful and unsuccessful case - the guy just practices. How else to learn to interact with the game space?

Soon TC will give us all a pickaxe, so we can play GEARSNITE after school.

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I’m sorry but that’s stupid. It looks ridiculous, and he isn’t even aiming, just timing his shots with bounces, it’s not even a shooter at that point it looks like a dance sim.


I dislike it,
Id maybe say limit the amount of times it can be used and have a cooldown~
Maybe you loose momentum each time therefore you can’t
not sure but also not a fan
Wall bouncing is okay, this hyperbouncing is annoying and looks stupid.


I’ve totally abandoned wall bouncing in favor of Terminator walk and aim because of this. It’s still cool to see people who can wall bounce like the old days though and deliver kills.

Nothing in the game can look dumber than the new game emotions of the characters. Unless, those people who decided that this is suitable for a brutal shooter.

Maybe you don’t sincerely love Gears enough? I already can’t imagine this game without this trick.

For me personally, this game will end at the moment when I can not bounce off the wall.


Gears UE is still loved by many and I would say is considered ‘good’ overall in the community’s eyes and that title lacks bouncing. Did you not enjoy that title or did you only really start liking Gears from 3 and beyond?

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I’m not a fan of the emotes, but they are not necessary at all for gameplay. Wallbouncing on the other hand is a necessity for playing against others whom use it.

And no that video you shared does look dumber then any emote I’ve seen in 5 to date. You dont have to use emotes, and i shouldn’t have to make my characters have a seizure in order to get kills.

And as for loving gears I have read every novel, comic and look forward to gears Tactics which I know has absolutely no wall bouncing. The fact that I’ve put up with the dancing gnasher whores this long shows my dedication to the franchise

" I already can’t imagine this game without this trick."

Trick isn’t the right word, its more of an exploit.

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Bouncing in Gears 5 isn’t/wasn’t less useful than other games because it was slower. Bouncing was/is less useful in Gears 5 because there’s enhanced aim assist (adhesion) in addition to the slower slide speeds in all non-competitive modes.

This is largely why the lancer felt busted in core but was okay in Execution/Competitive even before they nerfed and changed the damage fall off distance. Now that they sped up the slide speed it just made it so adhesion is a little less likely to influence a kill, but it’s still there.

Remember, there’s no wall cancelling in Gears of War 1 and that’s were it was discovered. If you’re not timing your evasions with adequate intent then you’re not utilizing wallbouncing effectively.

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Bouncing is ok… That hyperbouncing is annoying.