Unplayable stuttering

I just installed Gears 5 on my PC through the Xbox (Beta) app and it’s been having crazy amounts of stuttering. I’ve tried playing on the recent NVIDIA 436.30 driver for my GTX 970 and even tried the previous 436.15 driver that everyone was having problems on, I lowered the graphics to the lowest they can go, disabled v-sync, disabled bloom, changed the minimum and maximum fps settings to all different combinations to no avail. The game itself runs at 60fps while I’m standing still, looking around, and during cutscenes, but once I press any button or click my mouse, the game freezes for about half a second and if I’m holding down a button to run around the game freezes like this repeatedly and stutters like crazy. The odd part is that this also happens every time there is a key or button input at any of the menus as well, including the main menu. The benchmark and the game runs perfectly fine, but then freezes every time there’s an input. While in the game, my CPU doesn’t seem to go above 40%, RAM Memory is pretty high at around 80%-85%, it’s loaded onto my SSD, and GPU is usually around 40%.

OS- Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
CPU- Intel i7-4790 @ 3.60GHz (8 CPUs)
RAM- 8GB (I know a little on the low end)
Motherboard- ASUS H97-Pro Gamer

All help is appreciated and thank you in advance!

Probably won’t help, but I had a similar but not the same problem because I was using HDMI to send 1080p to a 3880x1990 native resolution TV. TV display worked on all other games except Gears 4 and 5 though.

There definitely should be a solution though because I’m running a 970m and it’s 60 FPS steady. Your processor also way outclasses mine. I do have 16gb RAM.

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My second monitor is a tv, but I’m running the game on my desktop’s monitor. I did try running it without having multiple displays, but it did the same thing. Appreciate the help though!

Been playing Gear 5 for over a week now with no issue. As of today 9/17/2019, having the same issue. Constant stuttering for every click or keystroke. I can even “pause” the game just by rapidly clicking my mouse.

No Windows updates
No driver updates
No Gears 5 updates
No setting changes

Just started happening. Also i notice the “COM surrogate”: process starts to go up high when i click or do keystrokes in the game, I ran chkdsk and a sfc /scannow… still no fix… I can’t play the game anymore because of this.


I fixed it! If you have Razer Cortex… quit it! It now works for me.

this problem is happening with a basic mouse, this isn’t just from your mouse software.

Dispite the post below, stopping Razor Cortex also fixed this for me. To be clear, I picked the close all Apps from the icon menu in the lower right after right clicking on it