Unplayable - PvP

Already posted about weapons doing no damage and going down or being killed from single rifle and pistol shots in PvP but today I recorded a bunch of other players killcam replays that clearly show my weapons missing them by a mile although my shots all looked good to me when I fired.
How the hell are you supposed to play a game when what I see in a match is totally different from whats actually happening ??.
Almost every match the same thing happens now.
I have tried hardwiring direct to the modem at 100mbps and it made no difference and also had a tech from ISP replace modem and check everything still no better.
There must be something TC can do to fix this or Gears 5 is useless to me ??.

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Not an accurate representation of what’s actually going on, as confirmed by TC.

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The game has more bugs than old Warner Bros. cartoons


I turned it off!
Raging when he/she got me 2 meters away from is shot!
Glad that TC is aware!

They’re not gonna change it though.


Yep, this is G5 lol

There is always some degree of BS in pvp. Many which will never be fixed. I was quite let down when I came to that realization.

On the other hand the realization can be quite freeing and open your eyes to other cool stuff. Like pve

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Update… Tried again can’t even get my gnasher to fire half the time and getting my character to turn is so slow other players can literally run past, turn back, change weapon and fire before I can even get a shot.
I have no idea what is causing this ???.