Unplayable game

This is a triple a game ladies and gentlemen

  1. Other games had worse issues.
  2. Operation is about to end, probably last-minute grinding.
  3. Global crisis, more people at home to flood servers.

Yes and no, Gears 5 servers are really bad.

I mean… did you see Anthem/76?


Sure, I have Fallout 76. I’ve never calculated Anthem, I don’t like it and seems nobody does. Fallout 76 is a pile of bugs, server issues and crap, but I would say it’s getting “better”. Gears 5 is definitely miles away from them, but has a lot of glitches and stupid design issues. I mean, do you remember how it was at launch?

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At least 76 is making a lot of progress. Still not worth playing and still shouldn’t have been released because it was a incomplete game but Bethesda is actively fixing and adding a lot. It’s clear they are trying and actually listening.

TC says they are listening and trying but nothing they do shows that. Bethesda is supporting their statements with updates and constant fixes.

(Also I pre ordered the tricentennial edition and I was so sad when I actually played the game and realized it was exactly like the god damn beta)

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But at the same time they’ve continued to make mistakes and break promises from before launch.

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True but at least the game is progressing and they are rebuilding trust within the small community that stuck with the game

(Also unlike the faces of TC the devs of fallout 76 don’t cry on Twitter and acknowledge their failings)

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