Unofficial Gears BS, Montage, Clutch Clips

how did you share your video?

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I second this

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I posted it on discord first. Long as you have the video url it should just post

@Danny_Ucey also knows how to do this. Not sure what method he uses for url.

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fam how did you even share it on disc…lmao my files are too big.

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He’s super rich and upgraded his Disc acct

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Nitro extends upload size to 50mb
gotta be a better way to get the video url because I doubt people are using my method lol.
@SNAKEYWAKEY389 might know aswell

only half of that is true

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Nah my vids are 100mb and i have Nitro and my cord is level 3. so idk …about that. i think ill just Gfycat it until theres a better way

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what are you recording with and I assume they’re mp4 files?

im recording with the xbox game bar

edit: yes MP4

I use OBS and trim my videos in an editor. You can just use OBS to record your screen though while your game bar videos are playing and it should be alot more compressed.

These are my obs settings. You can also youtube any 8min “best obs recording settings video” too if you’d like.
running a rtx2060

Edit - If you’re gonna use the method of recording your playbacks don’t screen capture, I realize it takes more resources and better to just record applications/games. Just tested it with one of your clips and the file got 10mb bigger lol.

Its so much more efficient to press Alt+z with the gamebar and it uploads to my onedrive lol.

I honestly need to start using gamebar because I’ve seen some crazy ■■■■ that I just never record.
is Alt+z universal command or did you hotkey that?

You’re so clean Mark :heart_eyes:

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Hot key. yea its fast and efficient bro

edit: only 30seconds


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Triple Super i got in Bunny Hunt when it was live. Wish this event came around more than once a year because its my favorite event in gears history.

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Watching them all was fun

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Am I the only one who refuses to shoot a power weapon anymore without an active? It’s not like the non-active versions are broken, its just that the active versions are almost always a guaranteed kill.

Active Boom: Secondary explosion almost always cleans up a messy shot.
Active Drop: Will magnetically lock onto an enemy like 10 feet away from where you drop it.
Active Torque: Charge for a half a second and stick into the aura following an enemy.