Unnecessary spawn flips on dam

The title says it all. Please fix, I notice it on dam almost daily. 2nd thing, the overkill is a dumb scrub weapon that ruins training grounds.

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I agree with both. overkill is OP, its like a sniper shotgun. Also I dont understand the spawn flip to begin with. I’ve had games where spawns have instantly flipped and I’ve been shot in the back as soon as I spawn yet there are games where i am.spawn camped and it never flips. Not sure what the criteria is for the flip but its isnt consistently and sometimes awards free kills as people spawn behind you.


Forreal bro. Ill test it sometimes just to see. 10seconds after spawning an enemy will appear lol… Oh and another thing TC, is 98% the new 97% ? I love dieing when I shouldn’t have but I gotta ask