Unmask Lizzie, and make her a hottie, plz! & the cold finish card

In gameplay,Anthony had more scenes,cutscenes,no

Wait why don’t we just record the amount of time they are in cutscenes for and settle it like that

I wasn’t referring to just cutscenes. I was referring to total time they are featured in the campaign cos it all counts to establishing and developing characters. That’s why I pointed out that Anthony spends about half of Act 1 in your squad. The ingame dialogue is part of the character building, just as cutscenes, dialogue over the COMMS channel etc.


Not that I disagree with the notion of keeping Lizzie’s face hidden because removing that aspect would kill the character but what’s with this reaction I see all the time with “bruh just watch ■■■■ for hot lady”?

Can females just look good without assuming people want a quick wank from them?


Wrong site to be a feminist on,especially when he didn’t even say anything about it

Or lady’s should be able to appear in a video game about manly men who wear fridges for armour without having to worry about them mas.turbating over them?

I mean, I’m no prude (I’m mas.turbating right now!) but there’s a time and a place for these sorts of things.

Please leave everybody alone

I dont understand what you’re talking about.


Right? As soon as somebody starts talking about decent looking female characters, there’s always one .sstard going “bU7 tH3rEz pr0n?”. :rofl:

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Woah there buddy,watch your language before I get the dude with the raam picture to ban you

@GhostofDelta2? He can’t ban people my dude. His mod powers here is the equivalence of Hawkeye in the Avengers compared to the other superheroes. :rofl:

Uhh…hmmm…In that case,thread locked for ableism or whatever they call it.Please keep criticism of disabled people constructive or I will kill you

This right here can get you banned much easier tbh.

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Probably,I got banned for two days for saying fascist.Wonder what happens if you say that bad word for uhh,people of African descent

Weird that we have to watch our language in a game where we can rip peoples head off and laugh about it

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Closing thread as it doesn’t seem forum appropriate. And please stop attacking each other.