Unmask Lizzie, and make her a hottie, plz! & the cold finish card

Please stop playing with my heart…

Might as well. I’ll never see her differently ever again now anyway!

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I think that given Lizzie’s body proportions it’s fairly safe to say that that isn’t what she looks like underneath the helmet… but I can’t tell you what she looks like either. Hair seems to be kept short though, judging by what little is visible from underneath the helmet if the camera angle is right.

And I would also prefer for the helmet to stay on. That’s kind of what makes the Carmines… I’d have preferred for Lizzie to survive though. She deserved better than to die completely terrified and likely thinking she’ll never see Clayton again. She should’ve gone down swinging and take a whole bunch of Swarm with her, or have been one of the two choices in Act 4.

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Okay… the only thing about gears 3 showing us a Carmine can live is that the community voted to keep Clayton alive, and the majority wanted him to live, unlike his brothers. If they killed Clayton instead of Lizzy in 5, it would’ve been a slap in the community’s face since he was voted to live. TC knew that.

The running gears joke was that all Carmine’s die rather quickly in battle. It’s just a thing that happens and TC are honoring that tradition. Even in 4, Gary died quite fast (I know they said he wasn’t a relation to the actual Carmine family and it was just meant to be a funny Easter egg, but they also tattooed a Carmine helmet on his right arm, which conflicts with TC saying he wasn’t related… but facts point to he was) … prob the fastest Carmine death.

Anyway, being a badass has nothing to do with your face being seen. If anyone in the Carmine family was ever to be shown without a helmet, it should always be Clayton. I don’t care how tough lizzy was for her short time we knew her, lore wise, Clayton survived the locust/lambent war AND lived 25 years later into the swarm war, and is still alive. He is the definition of a badass Carmine. All Carmines combined don’t equal one Clayton. That’s just facts. So if anybody deserves the face reveal in the Carmine family, it’s clayton.

I’m sorry, but the hidden Carmine face thing is tradition, and it deserves to continue. It’s one of those things in gears that shouldn’t be changed, and if it has to be at some point, stealing this from Clayton is just a big F U to him and everyone who loves a Carmine.

Sorry, but I just can’t get behind the helmet removal of any Carmine.

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Lol… or like the infamous “alternate Clayton bathtub death” where he still has the helmet on.

All Carmines can have and wear outrageous outfits, but keep their helmets on, even if they’re in the shower, a bathing suit, eating or laying on a beach, gettin some sun.

Hey, ya’ never know. All of the weight could’ve gone straight to her face and formed her a quadruple-chin!

I agree though, that wasn’t a worthy death for her at all. She deserved better than that. TC aren’t very good with deaths, if I’m completely honest. Gary died by a Deebee ball (Was it a Deebee ball?). And the majority of players didn’t even know that was Carmine when he showed up, and when he died. They didn’t even bother to give him any sort of character development. They just killed him off right off the bat, which was pretty ridiculous. Back to Lizzie though, she definitely deserved a better death, like Noble 6’s supposed “death” in Halo: Reach where he took on a whole bunch’a Elite’s by himself with his bare hands and knife while they held Energy Swords. It was so bad*ss…

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You didn’t see me claim Clayton was less of a badass than Lizzie, did you? I don’t doubt they have plans for keeping him alive, but Lizzie feels like the wrong one to die. They introduce us to this character who casually frag tags a Snatcher after ramming it and ignores the explosive she stuck to its face despite being very close to it, and proceeds to say she’s not impressed by the Swarm in a completely casual tone. And after we heard her say she’d run rings around the Swarmak in the Settlement in a Minotaur… that says some things about her. But well, it’s too late to change what has been done now…

It’s a DB drop pod, but yes. He was supposedly killed by it though it looks more like he was knocked to the side by it or jumped aside at the last second and slid off to the side where he was no longer visible. Even if he survived being hit, he’s no longer around so I guess he just won’t have a presence any further or was actually killed.

Do agree regarding Lizzie’s death, and the comparison to Noble 6. To make it seem even better, he took off his helmet and was hit by at least one plasma rifle blast after his armor’s shields went down before he was attacked by multiple of those Elites. If she was to die in 5 she should’ve had that kind of sendoff at the end or somewhere close to it. Or die in 6.

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I think the story could have emphasised more of a connection between Lizzie and JD and Delta Squad, just to make Lizzie’s death more impactful. It’s suggested that JD was profoundly affected by it. I’ve speculated about the specifics in other threads, but something a little more detailed would have been nice. I like ambiguity and leaving some aspects the the he fans to speculate, but a few tidbits would have been helpful.

I mean, JD’s change in personality after this incident could have been due to a number of things. His involvement in the Settlement 2 massacre, his sense of guilt, Marcus reprimand in him for being too much of a risk taker (which happened at the Azura missile silo just before), and after recovering he became more disciplined and by the book. Did this happen because he blamed himself for Lizzie’s death? Maybe in part. Either way, it would have been a nice avenue to explore.

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You’re taking the post way too seriously my brother. :grin:

She did have a “better death” though, in the sense that her death was more impactful than the other Carmines that died. Whenever every other Carmine died/were about to die, the rest of the squad were just like, meh. When Lizzie was about to die, JD actually tried to save her and had a whole cinematic and all. Also, the reason why JD’s arm is hurt and most probably left him emotionally scarred as it was his decision to use the Hammer of Dawns that got her killed.

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unmask lizzie ? I mean this is not a barbie game… for what purpose people would like her to see unmasked ? I mean its not as players are going to marry her. …

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The same reason why people want to have Master Chief unmasked, just curious as to what the character looks like under the helmet.

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you got a point … I mean its just that this sounds " cocoa puffs " in some way… but ok man . :smile:

Ya know, I do was aware that you weren’t serious. But some others may not have seen that… also, where the hell did you get that picture? The woman in it looks… let’s say, slightly out of shape.

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Be careful what you wish for -

50 Magnificent Movie Masks

Google is a magical place. Well, magical may not be the right word in this instance. :yum:

I agree, but isn’t not being “meh” ignoring the Carmine tradition? You have to be “meh” when it comes to a Carmine death. Although Benji’s death hit me in the feels, yo. Unfortunately I didn’t pay too much attention when playing the campaign since my first play-through was on Insane, which was a big mistake. Still have yet to beat it though, and I don’t think I really want to. Her death did have more meaning though, but for me it sorta fell flat compared to previous deaths, but that’s my opinion.

Nothing beats Clayton’s bubble bath death though, or Sherman’s “Looking for car keys in imulsion” death.

Anthony did not have more screen time.

I’d disagree. While Anthony also died in Act 1 a short while after meeting him, he was an active member of the squad for that section, whereas Lizzie wasn’t (she appears in one gameplay section as an AI NPC). In terms of length if time, I guess they featured for a similar length of time, but Anthony was more actively involved.

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