Unmask Lizzie, and make her a hottie, plz! & the cold finish card

Unmasking her goes without saying, we all clearly want that. The cold finish card is more of a visual effect than anything. I know it says 25% but the bad guys are essentially already dead by the time the freeze even works , and then they just shatter. Seems like it should be freezing at a higher percentage that that for it to be truly effective.

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On the one end, I say no cause all Carmines have been traditionally “masked”. On the other, as a man of culture, I can’t help but say yes to “unmasking” her and make her a cutie. :yum:

Lizzie is definitely one of the best chars TC has made up to date tbh, even if she was in the game for a tiny amount of time.


Agree. Lizzie an awesome character. I know it´s tradition, but I wish she survived. I like Clayton, but honestly, Clayton dying would be better, since Lizzie is a new character. She was too young to die. :frowning:

It’s time for the tradition to end.

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She’s probably ugly as sh*t though.

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You can’t unmask the lesbian . That’s taboo.


We won’t know for sure till she’s unmasked.

I wish she survived and became a part of Delta. Every game had a carmine on the squad regardless of how long they lasted.


The point of a Carmine is to never see their face, so I can’t agree with this ever happening.

Then what’s your take on every other Carmine besides Clayton? They all died way too soon, so…

They have also been traditionally male

The difference with Lizzie is that she was a total badass. Just coming in ramming a Snatcher with a Minotaur and casually frag tagging it like it was another day in the life. Not seeming afraid of the Swarm much. Plus, they’ve totally made her one of the best characters to date with her personality and dialogue in MP modes. Having her around would have been… quite nice. Gears 3 showed us not all Carmines have to die (immediately) so why couldn’t Lizzie live until Gears 6 or 5s ending? Heck, it might’ve been better if we’d had to choose between her and Oscar at that moment in Act 4… I probably would’ve gone with Lizzie, with all respect to Oscar and that he is Kait’s uncle. Whether Kait would’ve, well, your guess is as good as mine. Don’t even know if she knew Lizzie at all.

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Jesus Hector Christ… There’s an entire internet full of p0rn if you need something to jerk off to.

There has to be something out there for you that’s better than a “hottie” in a video game. Just google image search any word with safe search off and something will come up. I.e. Bea Arthur, Margaret Thatcher, Nude Tayne, etc.


Yes, but I find Lizzie had very short screen time, atleast when compared to Benjamin and Clayton. Actually, I’d say even Anthony had more. And Anthony was a greenhorn, unlike lizzie, who is way more badass it seems. I just wish she would have been in the story for atleast act III or IV.

That’s IF she ever gets unmasked, of course.

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Spoiler: she looks like Amy Schumer

I know she won’t, and I honestly wouldn’t want to so that we may continue the Carmine traditions: they need to die and never show their faces.

But one can always dream as to what she would look like. But seeing how it’s TC and it’s 2019, she would most likely look like this.


So thinking about it now, you may want to reconsider OP. :rofl:


Agreed. I think it’s best if she stays masked so that the Carmine tradition can continue. It just shows that we can love a character or family of characters without ever seeing their faces. Their personalities alone are enough for us to love’em, as well as their deaths, of course. Their identical voices also add to their likeability, atleast for the four Carmine brothers we know.

Also, what the f*ck is that thing!? Damn, if that were her I’d constantly ask myself how the hell does she manage to fit her small helmet onto that overzised quadruple-chin havin’ head?

I’ll always think of that face under her helmet whenever I see a Lizzie Carmine now, thanks alot!

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Keep the helmet.

If anything, if TC want to satisfy these amorous Lizzie fans, create some skin variants with some sexy attire WITH her helmet remaining as it is. Would be pretty funny if she appeared in a swimsuit with a helmet on. :yum:


Should we request from TC to add an extra helmet on her, just in case? :yum:

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