Unlocks mar an otherwise great GOW title

What is this unlock system? How is it worse than boxes? I’m never going to touch Escape or Horde. OK? N-E-V-E-R. So I don’t get to unlock stuff in the tours? Are you seriously wanting real money (iron) for me to switch the challenges until I find one for the modes I actually play? And $10 for a skin!? Not even a different character but just a skin of an existing one? Get right the … out of here with that. How is there fewer characters at launch in 5 than there were in 4 when it launched? I’m so glad I learned my lesson when Gears 4 launched and didn’t actually buy 5. I would’ve been even more upset than I was for the 4th title if it wasn’t for game pass. Also, aim assist in ranked? Really The Coalition… Really!?