Unlocking system (Sistema de desbloqueio)

This new mechanic of unlocking characters by making challenges was a good idea, but the specific challenges are very poorly organized and exaggerated.

I don’t play versus hate pvp and all its modes, I prefer to spend my time playing Horde (since I don’t like Escape mode either).

Challenges should be good and affordable for all types of players, COG Gear and DB: Shepherd has reasonable challenges even, but Lizzie and Baird are very difficult to get with exaggerated specific challenges such as: “Perform 30 headshot kills in versus” or “Make 500 kills using DB weapons”.

Developers please have common sense.
The impression is that it would be purposeful for players to be discouraged and buy at once.

Other things I think is the correct would be that COG characters (Blue Team) had unlocking challenges focused on Escape and Horde. Like Swarm and Locust (Red Team) characters, their challenges should be focused versus since they are not allowed in pve modes.

Increasingly, I don’t think they should have changed the style they got in Gears of war 4.

Gears 5 gets more and more tiring and boring, this way it will end up in oblivion.

That’s sad.

–I did a basic translation with the help of applications, hope you can understand everything.–


Everything about this game…is a boring grind…unless you go into the store and buy …its a tiresome shitshow…that’s still broken🙄


Yeah I think it’s purposely like this to make you give up in frustration so that you just say to hell with this and buy it with iron


If the game was decent and really represented a gears like game…I’d support buying some skins/characters ect (if reasonably priced)…but theres no hiding they’ve probably fckd gears going forward…poor game…way to many changes…most/all unnecessary…and greed beyond reasonble for a broken/still release.

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I had a look at some of the Arcade ones yesterday. Absolutely mental! It’s the sheer number that got me. And it restricts the way players upgrade new weapons in Arcade. It should’ve been more general, like get 100 kills using an upgraded power weapon on Arcade as X or Y character.

Gonna have to team up with friends to do this! And I don’t really like Arcade mode either.

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Pepper…i simply wont do stuff i dont want to do…i only play a little verses with a m8…i wont go into games grinding for tat in modes i dont like…especially as i could be hindering teammates when i aint that good🙄at verses anyway.

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I’m not a massive fan of PVP either. I reckon my time spent across the other modes is around 50% Horde; 30% Escape and 20% Versus! I’m not too bothered by the ranked match ones cos they just involve winning X amount of times and the numbers aren’t that bad. The Arcade ones are very specific and involve what look to me to be big numbers. Basically playing as Lizzie Carmine, saving up enough points and then upgrading to a Dropshot and then getting 100 kills or whatever. Too much and too specific in my opinion. And I think Baird has a headshot medal too. :neutral_face:


Guys I recognized a mistake where I said that the challenge of doing 10 executions with Dropshot would be extremely tricky in versus since it is hard to get the weapon, but it can be done in any way and so it is not difficult. Anyway, there are still annoying and exaggerated challenges that should be more balanced so as not to overwhelm the players. Already edited the post, sorry for the mistake.

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