Unlocking Characters?

I’ve been a bit out of the loop with Gears 5 news, so I’m just wondering have TC said how Characters are going to be unlocked in this game? I’ve heard the Gear Pack System isn’t returning which is great, so I’m maybe wondering if it will be very much like Gears 3 were you level up and unlock characters?

Not sure if it’s been discussed already?

…but don’t bother searching for it or anything…
Yes, info has been released. Look up the Tour of Duty for more information.

Paid for content and free ToD content, which you will get by completing daily/weekly tasks.
I imagine we will get “landmark” unlocks throughout the game, just as in previous Gears. At least it was very much wanted back in by the Gears community.

Luckily we have such a rich lore and character rosta that TC could tie 20 odd to the campaign/mp achievements easily without it taking away from their bottom line.

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There is a lot of threads on this forum you know…thought a separate thread wouldn’t harm, honestly don’t let it bother you! :wink:

Not trying to be a ■■■■, but the search function exists for a reason, and it’s a board policy not to have multiple threads for the same topic. The Coalition have released a detailed FAQ on the unlock system for Gears 5.

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Have a read through.