Unlocked Marcus/skins can't be equiped

I was lucky enough to try out heroic Marcus and the team ice weapon skins for a horde match. I ended up leaving the game and when I went for another one it reset my character and weapon skins to defaults.
I checked and all the skins I equiped had reset AND I couldn’t access horde/escape cards anymore. I know I’m not the only one with the card problem but is anyone else having the skins issue?

Had issues with weapon and purchased character skins earlier but everything looks like it’s been fixed on my end. Try restarting the game again if not then you’ll just have to keep waiting but it should work itself out so I wouldn’t get overly worried atm.

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Yeah it’s all working now, just had to be a bit patient
Thanks for the reply


I am glad this sorted itself out eventually :slight_smile:

Good to hear man enjoy your new skins they are awesome.

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