Unlockable items

Some of the unlockable items I should have aren’t showing up
I purchased the cole and Baird totems for 150 each and theyre not showing up ever since I turned off Xbox this morning, it’s saying I have to purchase the totems again
And the ink load out skins you can unlock from operator 3 is saying I didn’t unlock them either, even though I did

Try restarting your Xbox.

There’s a chance that the Totem’s didn’t save if you left the game on a bad day.

I recommend my fix-all method:


I wonder what % of your posts reference this same method.


Like 90%?

I don’t know. Quarantine has eroded my powers of estimation.

Gotta charge up and get back into it.

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The OP:


I tried restarting my console up, it still shows as not unlocked for any of the items, I feel like 150 points was just wasted, and my progress for the Baird and Cole totems are still going up for some reason. But I feel when it comes time to actually unlock them it won’t let me
The problem only seems to relate to loadout skins and unlocking characters and their skins


Any idea when operation 3 ends
Just started playing again since operation 1

Log in to Gears. Press LT at the main menu. Look at the top left of the screen.

Also add gamer tag for 2 v 2 gnashes or gridiron