Unlock Masters In Custom Games?


I can only make a custom game in horde/escape up to elite. What do I need to do to make my own masters game? Is it the level up on the main menu or the character level up in the game?


Complete it on Elite, and you’ll unlock the next mutator/difficulty. Keep going until you get unlock Master.

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I’ve completed horde on elite many times but they werent my games. so I need to host and do it right?

You shouldn’t do. I’ve been able to access higher difficulties when I’ve played games hosted by others. You can also skip difficulties if say, your friend has unlocked Inconceivable, you piggyback off their game, and then you play their game. I dunno why it’s not available for you though if you’ve completed it before.

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I’m gonna try and host my own games and see if that works or my level up 7 is still not enough.

I wonder if there’s any money to be made helping people unlock modifiers for each map?

You need to unlock each modifier on each map, so completing Master on one doesn’t unlock it everywhere. You can do each modifier one at a time to unlock the next, so you don’t need to beat Inconceivable to unlock Master, just beat Intermediate with the second last modifier set to unlock the final one. It’s a bit more of a grind to do them one at a time or in pairs, but if you’re working on them alone, that may be the way to go.


Also, you don’t have to go through all fifty waves, just wave 50 to unlock each modifier.


You don’t need to have all modifiers turned on either. Turn on the one before the locked one only, complete wave 50 and the next modifier will unlock. Did it last night on training grounds to help out a friend who could only go up to inconceivable.

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You have given me an idea.

*Now offering people the modifiers for the low low price of £25 per modifer


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You dont even need to have all modifiers on to unlock the Next just activate the one next to the one you want to unlock

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