Unlock Armed & Dangerous Execution Fast - Medal Guides

Many of you reached out via DM about other executions. I wanted to cover the new and improved arm rip. There are six medals and this is supposed to be the grindiest of all the executions.

Video Guide: Click Here

Simplified text version below:

Team Medic Medal - Easy revives playing Escape or as Jack in Horde.
Executioner Medal - Load up horde match with Kait and go to town with the retro lancer
Finish Them Medal - Kill 5,000 enemies
Marksman Medal - Get 750 headshots. Load up Horde as Fahz and go to town.
Body Count Medal - Eliminate 12,000 enemies. This can be done in tandem with the Finish Them medal as referenced in the video guide.
Carnage Medal - Do 12,000,000 damage. Start on Wave 20. Die by last enemy. Rinse and repeat. 200,000 damage each wave assuming no death until the end. Leave this medal for last.

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It really be like that some time.

What weapon do you use that execution with?