Unlock AMA Bloodspray Fast - Medal Guides

Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a great Easter yesterday. I took a week off of grinding and focused on work + family. I went ahead and started back on the grind and produced another medal guide vide for everyone. This is the 3rd guide produced since Operation 3 dropped.

Video Link: Here

For those that are not interested in watching here’s a text guide below:

  • Rookie Hivebusters - Survive 30 Acts of Escape with Clayton or Cole.
  • Rookie Body Count - Get 1,000 eliminations in Escape as Clayton or Cole
  • Experienced Team - Escape a hive with any 5 characters
  • Marcus Marksman - Get 500 headshot kills in Escape as Marcus
  • Clayton Carnage - Deal 200,000 damage in Escape as Clayton
  • Silverback Body Count - Get 100 kills with the SIlverback in Escape

For the Rookie Hivebusters you must have Clayton or Cole unlocked. I have found that speedrunning The Surge or The Clock (on Insane or Inconceivable) is best as you get 2 acts, great XP, and tons of cards to level them up. Plus it’s fast!

Rookie Body Count - For this, The Clock or The Detour. However, I assume you’re a level one and have no one to play with. Run The Clock as there’s plenty of weapons to get you to the end.

Experienced Team - This is the easiest. Simply finish any hive with 5 characters. Choose the characters you enjoy the most. Marcus, Cole, Clayton, and Lizzie are four you have to play as to unlock the AMA Bloodspray regardless.

Marcus Marksman - Ice Queen on Begineer. Grab the sniper and all the ammo and go for headshots. There is a faster method but may require a teammate to help. That’s for another time.

Clayton Carnage - This will work towards your 1,000 eliminations for Rookie Body Count. Follow that guide.

Silverback Body Count - Again, The clock or The Detour. I prefer The Clock as it’s easier to reach the helipad and use your silverback to kill rejects, juvies, and scions.

There are definitely quicker ways to get the Marcus Marksman one.

I did it on the Hive, getting to the saferoom and immediately afterwards there is a chance of a Juvie encounter. If it is a different encounter, restart and do it until you get Juvies. Your ultimate should be ready by then, activate it and spam whatever weapon you have (Snub or Hammerburst work really well). Reload checkpoint and repeat.

One of my friends did it on the Warren. You have a chance of either Juvies or Leeches - if it’s Juvies, go ahead. It use the Hammerburst from the first supply room. Your ultimate again, helps massively.

Go to Options and turn on auto aim for Beginner. Every shot is a headshot now on Beginner Horde and Escape.

Marksman Marcus - I think the Hive has the best enemy count/ killable by headshot ratio enemy. You can kill all drones with headshot with snub or hb(when downed). I’ve got about 70-75 headshot kills per one run.
Silverback body count - just be sure to have the “Sisters” card equipped to get silverback twice in a run. Again 3 runs are enough to do it.
Rest medals are just acquiring by simple playing. This is the easiest medal reward this tour. You do it faster than weapons medals.

I should note there are faster ways, but this is assuming the player is solo and doesn’t have much help or knowledge. I have a method that gives 60-100 headshots right now.

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Do people actually look forward to earning this bloodspray? I thought all the medal rewards that weren’t on the main ToD this time around were kinda meh.

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I’m rocking my salt shaker blood spray all day


Yeah I use that one. I also like that Terminator skull that was hard to get from that event. I’m sure a lot of people have it but I haven’t seen anybody else rocking in public matches. If that middle finger comes back up in the store I may need to get it lol

I had terminator on after the event. I changed to salt shaker once I got that one. It was much more difficult to earn.

There’s a faster but more riskier method. Gave me 60-100 headshots but I used a teammate to help and got living legend 3 times. I’ll add more info soon.

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