Unique items with credits

I’ve got over a billion credit’s now and nothing to spend em on,would be a good idea if there was a way to buy unique emblem’s,or convert em so you could buy an ea pack.Say 400,000 for an ea supporter’s pack that’s worth £8.99,sound’s fair enough.Should be something that we can do with all the spare cash…

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I’d love that. I’ve got way too much CR and scrap.

Agreed that would be pretty cool, although extremely unlikely.

I had suggested a while ago that perhaps a nice gesture from TC is to thank players who have bought eSports packs before, My specific idea is they allow a limited number of eSport packs to be purchasable with in game credits based on the number of eSports packs bought.

They could cap it to a maximum number of packs per player too (I recognise that some players have bought many packs before), and set the credit price to be high as the OP suggested. It could be a time limited event too, for a weekend period of 72 hours. Perhaps you get one pack for every one pack you spent money on, up to a maximum of 10 and the cost say 200,000cr each?

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